Anyone know anything about (or seen) a wolf kill?

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Apr 15, 2005
Have seen several sheep that were killed by a rogue sheepdog.
Long time ago but it made a fair mess of them. From memory I think it killed seven sheep.
No chance it could just be a dog and not a giant tazmanian tigatorwolf?
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Feb 16, 2011
the French Alps
There are loads of people around here who could help me track stuff @Broch but unfortunately most, if not all of them are hunters and they are so cagey about people knowing what they are up to - it's like a secret club. I even asked a neighbour if he could show me a good place for finding chanterelle mushrooms and he said he would but then he would have to kill me. I have been toying with the idea of joining the local hunting 'club' but I would imagine being a girl (and english), it may not go down too well with the locals. I got the same reaction when I tried to join the local apiculture club. I have even seen the mother of the mushroom neighbour come out with a stick and rant at a woman who was hunting for edible snails on 'her' patch.

It's funny but many people ask me when I tell them that I do bushcraft whether there are any equivalent meet-ups or courses here where I live, and I have to say no - these guys don't want to teach anybody anything as it is still their way of life and they hold it very close to their chests, which is the way it should be, after all I guess they are the 'guardians' of the common land around here (there's lots of it) and they know exactly how to manage it and use the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

It's simple = aint no foreigners (which means anyone who was born further than a mile down the road) allowed.

I have been doing some more investigation and it seems there is a resident 'pack' of wolves living about ten miles away as the crow flies, which is seen regularly by the pisteurs up on the ski slopes, and I think it is totally possible that they come this way on their 'rounds' or one individual does anyway, as it may have split up from that group. There have been sightings of individuals here and there. So for the moment, I'm going with wolf kill.
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