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  • All settled back home from the BM. Had a wonderful time, still trying to wash the woodsmoke out of my clothes though ...
    I was out in the rain checking for fallen nests and anything else out of place after the storm yesterday. Nothing found thank goodness.
    We had 4 seasons in one day yesterday- icy hail, thunder, driving rain, sun and wind. Today it's 18 degrees. That is how fickle May can be.
    I lost my dog a couple of weeks ago. It's getting a little better now but I have been so sad, we spent so much time together.
    Just bought my 2018 fishing card. Lovely to see that women get a reduction of 70€ down to 33€ per year. Such a good thing.
    More snow here & we've already had 4 months of it, so nothing new for us. Roads clear, schools open, everyone well equipped, warm & skiing.
    I just bought a Hennessy Hammock system. That was a BIG purchase, hands still shaking but hope that'll set me up for a long time to come ;-)
    -8°c today, dropping down to -17°c tonight. Coldest of the winter so far .....
    What happened Lou, I broke one of Fi's teeth showing her how to defend herself.
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    hahaha, omg! It was not so exciting, I'm afraid - I chomped on a piece of bone hidden in some salami and stubbed my toe on the table leg, that'll teach me.
    found out there's going to be a winter BushMoot OMG, thinking that I will have to get there by hook or by crook.
    I've just come over to see what's going on in the world of BCUK. Well, you are all still here! x
    Hi Lou,

    What a brilliant idea! If you could send it to


    that'd be as great as a great thing. Reminds me - those Fjellraven trousers you were wearing on the course - any good?



    How's it going? Just got back in - spent all day out in the woods playing with the trees. Saw a strange thing - somebody seems to be living in the woods full time. They had a tent up behind a corrugated iron windbreak, with stacks of firewood and empty plastic bottles outside. Rather than disturb them, I just crept away...

    Loved the Facebook photos!


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