anyone got / tried one of these ?

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Apr 16, 2009
:) gotcha

( do you ever sleep ? )
I couldn’t, hence me getting all busy with the links and being a bit grumpy :D. I had one of those nights of just laying there. Got up at 4 and made a cuppa, tried again, gave up at 7.30 and took the dogs out. I’ll be napping on the sofa by lunchtime I reckon. :)


Apr 27, 2005
Totally agree, there are plenty of blatant counterfeits out of China, there is little recognition or regard for US or European patents. What I consider to be underhand is to brand a copy with the name of the original designer and sell it as such. We’ve all seen the counterfeit Benchmade and Spyderco knives, and that’s not on. Other than that, Chinese business doesn’t really acknowledge owning a design. A few changes, or the same product repackaged as Tatonka, Tomshoo, Lixada, Firemaple, Alpkit is just the norm, and like you say, they are probably exactly the same. My guess is from the same factory.

If you find the story of Origin Maine, he talks about this. He was walking though a trade show and seeing his designs on other people's stalls.

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