Altimeter watch any suggestions please

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Dec 14, 2004
HI folks I'm in the market for a watch with an altimeter on it for use in the mountains as an aid to navigation) I've had a look round and nothing takes my fancy just on looks. No one I know has a watch like this so cant ask them about function, can anyone recommend a watch that they have first hand knowledge off please I would be very grateful for your thoughts



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Jun 27, 2008

I have one of these CONTENT<>cnt_id=10134198673939642 Suunto X6 HR M (the metal one - looks better than the plastic one).

As it happens, I was thinking of selling, hardly used, looks brand new, all boxes etc as new, £150. Let me know if you're interested and I'll post some pictures and more details. (cheap plug for my watch! sorry !!:rolleyes: )

Back to your question. I like this watch and would recommend it. It does everything apart from make the tea and downloading the data after your trip makes a nice record of distance, height climbed, heart rate, altitude etc for the day or even weeks trip.



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I had a casio Protek, and various :rolleyes: GPS devices, on the Protek, its not accurate, even when you have a datum point to set it to.

The GPS devices are far more accurate, but bulky, Suunto, are from the reading I have done the best of the bunch, its a bit chunky to wear on your wrist tho, shrug end of the day "you pay your money".


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Oct 2, 2003
Hamilton NZ

I'd say the Sunnto Vector... It's works well the altimeter is accurate ( if you understand how it works and take the oppertunity to reset it at an known elevation as your day progresses) it tells the time. has a good night light and the alarm is ok... The compass is ok but sucks the batteries dry I find... Sun cream has dissolved the logo off of the plastic case it's lost the level bubble in the face but everything else is ok. I'd avoid the reversed LCD display they look a bit SF but you cannot read them well with polarised sunnies on which if your above the snow line you'll be wearing.

I like the barometer graph bar on it as it's very useful for weather prediction in alpine terrain.

The strap is a good fit anf the buttons are large enough to use with a gloved hand. Sunnto did a really good job on the design...

I looked at Protreks before I bought and they seem too fiddly.. Even considered a Thommen Handheld altimeter.

The Vector has all the functions you're likely to want in a wrist top altimeter Recommended 150%....


It's not a watch - I know but this will give you, amongst other things, windspeed, windchill, barometric pressure as well as altitude. See{EB425C6A-792C-4466-A0A6-693191BB21E8}


Mar 25, 2006
Has to be the Core, lots of people mention other Suunto watches but the CORE is the best of the bunch. Do not go for the one with the GPS, excessive battery drain and have to charge it all the time from your computer.

I am on my third Suunto and the core is the best for outdoor stuff, different models are suited to different activities, check out there website for more info.

Buy the one with the Orange strap and replace it with a black one, works out cheaper.