Day Out A damp day fire

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Bushcrafter through and through
Jul 6, 2011
East Sussex, UK
Went outside yesterday to put a trail camera up. Ironically, I disturbed 4 roe deer who were loitering around, but I expect they'll be back again. It started raining so initially I crawled under a low holly tree which I thought would give me shelter. It did, but not enough and I started getting damp and cold.

Towards the top of my land is an old concrete hardstanding. Since being here I've planted around it and it's pretty hidden from view now, backing onto the woodland next door. I'd dumped a load of wood up there and although it was wet on the outside, it's had several years to dry out.

Built a little altar and with the help of some fatwood (and a single match from a book - I was planning on using flint and steel but couldn't find them), I soon had a small fire going. I'd fetched a dry log from the wood store, which was split into smaller chunks and it made a merry little blaze. However, even though the fire was hot (!) it started dying down and was in danger from going out. I started picking up twigs off the ground and snapped a few dead ones out of nearby trees. Despite the fact they were wet with rain on the outside, there was enough heat in the fire to boil that water off quite quickly and soon I had a great blaze going. This made it hot enough to set fire to the altar (as planned) and the billy can of water I wedged in boiled astonishingly fast.

Unfortunately, I had to come back inside as my daughter didn't want to come up to me, so I was forced to put the fire out. Seemed like a real shame and although the risk of an uncontrolled fire was minimal, it was the responsible thing to do. I dumped some of the chunks into a nearby puddle and to my amazement they took ages to stop smoking, even the ones I held right under the water.

Must make the effort to have more fires but really need a chopping block up there as damaged my axe on the concrete. It's going to need grinding out. I keep a waterproof barrel up there and should stock it with more bits really...
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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 15, 2010
NE Scotland
Sounds like you've got the beginnings of a nice bushcraft spot in your own garden :)

Wish my garden was big enough, unfortunately it's mostly taken up by shed, paving slabs, chicken / duck run, patch of grass the dogs have turned to dried mud. No spare space :(.

Although I'm planning on getting the hammock and stand out for the weekend to do some cold camping :)

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