58 PAttern Canteen pouch.... alternatives

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Mar 5, 2018
People who drive on the wrong side can't shock me with their weird measurement units. That just fits into the whole image.
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Feb 18, 2010


Have a look at this construction here!

The Soviet bottle pouch is the lightest bottle pouch pattern that I know. And it works perfectly! I used it many years.

200g empty.

Soviet pouch - not for me, wasn’t the type of thing I was looking for tbh.


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Mar 5, 2018
Thank you!
No, your new pouch seems to fit very well to your other equipment.

But @cipherdias asks here for a military bottle pouch and there for lightweight stuff. One could buy such an old rubberised US army nylon sack as material and make a modern copy of the Red Army bottle pouch.
I can imagine that it would become pretty convincing.

But the Osprey bottle and Crusader mug aren't especially light anyway.
There are titanium mugs in US GI stile on the market that fit under the Nalgene bottle in US army field bottle shape.
And both seem to fit well into the British army MTP utility pouch, and of course into an ALICE canteen pouch. That's light and surely nice to use.
And if the Americans get a "Russian" pouch of Nylon that's very very very light.
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