20L ish daysack

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Jan 19, 2004
i'm looking for a used daysack around the 20 l size but a little less or more is fine.
it's for going abroad and using in a wet location (rain forest) so it needs to be fairly water proof. to that end a more traditional design of top opening with a lid cover would be better than clam opening etc.
Needs to be non military so not camo or MOLLE
OK if it's a little worn - i don't want it to scream 'steal me!'
Anyone got anything that might be suitable?


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May 27, 2009
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I am sorting a couple of tan coloured Platatac packs for sale at the moment - I was going to chuck them straight onto eBay. They are the early models with no molle.

All tan, top loading, cordura, excellent/new condition. They certainly don't scream 'look at me'. Basic, solid pack. I think they are 25/30 lt mark. Large main compartment and zip pocket on front.

Made for use in Australia's diverse climates - incl. 'the wet'.

I am looking at £45 delivered. pm if you you are interested.




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