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  1. Darryl of Sussex

    Need a mug to fit Trangia Triangle

    Hi, I have just been given a Trangia Triangle meths ‘stove’ but my mug is too small to sit on the stand. I can’t find one to fit it. I’m boiling water in a mug for short trips, so I don’t need to carry a kettle. Any suggestions? thanks.
  2. Tipi

    Sold Trangia 27 non stick

    Trangia 27 with nonstick pans and kettle. Think this the new UL windshields stove in general is in used but good condition, all working, no dents. Non stick is generally in good condition but slightly worn in patches (see pics) £30 Ono posted to the uk DUOSSAL NOW SOLD SEPARATELY.
  3. Tipi

    Sold Trangia X2 in box

    Used but very good condition Trangia X2 in box with instructions and original receipt. Box, instructions, carry pouch, service tool, 2 jets, trangia fuel bottle, and pump. Needs a new priming pad, but I’ve just been pre-heating with gas which is much quicker and cleaner. £95 ono (inc...
  4. E

    Trangia stand quick tip(small diameter cups)

    Even tho I like the Trangia stand it's just sooooo annoying that you can't use it with small diameter cups(see below) I have tried using nails, wires etc - but didn't like the outcome, but then few weeks ago I was changing my windscreen wipers and thought that the "wire" used to support the...
  5. chris_r

    Backpacking Light - The Pocket Stove

    I recently acquired BPL Pocket Stove which I'd intended to use with my Trangia burner, but the problem I've found is that trying to extinguish the Trangia burner with the Trangia simmer ring is something of a death defying act. The stove is really narrow at the top and the simmer ring just about...
  6. Scots_Charles_River

    Trangia Baking

    Cool setup here
  7. Angus Og

    Auld stove maker ?

    Found this while looking through my Dads camping gear, anyone know the maker and year? Look like some kind of Trangia
  8. 3

    Maxpedition Malaga, Knives and stuff

    A few other bits to go. I haven't taken pics yet, but loads out there. Pics on request as well just let me know. Will try and get some pics up later today or tomorrow. Paypal preferred and all prices include RM Recorded Delivery or Special. 1. Maxpedition Malaga bag in black. Only had...
  9. Squid

    Camelbak 2 litre holder for swap

    Got an unused 2 litre camelbak that I wont use. It has the plastic shrink wrap still covering the mouth piece. Looking for cooking bits, stoves or whatever you may have Here's the pic:
  10. Mungo

    A Walk in the Valley in -18c Weather

    Our little fellow woke up at about 4:25 this morning, and wouldn't go back to sleep, despite Spring and my best efforts. So by 5:30 I was feeding him breakfast. Shortly after that we played in the playroom for a bit while I worked my eyebrows up and down to get my face working for the day...
  11. Mungo

    My First Trangia Stove - Just Sitting and Making Some Noodles

    Last month my friend Matt bought me a Trangia Kit. Now that's the sort of thing a nice friend does. Another sort of thing that a nice friend does is buy me a Hilleberg Nallo tent. Just saying, Matt. Anyway, I've used propane, butane/propane, and naptha stoves - and built some pop can alcohol...
  12. Ahjno

    Non-stick frying pans vs fire

    I just returned from my local outdoorshop (Bever - The Globe, familiar with most Dutchies), just to have a look around ... :rolleyes::D ;) I'm in the market for a frying pan, so had a good look around. I like the Primus Litech ones, but couldn't find these in real life. Found the Trangia...