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  • are u still alive!!??!?!?

    there have been Brockers meets ....u werent there,......everyone was sad,.....we needed your film knowledge input,.....
    Oh, I went to get some flint at marsden grotto but bumped into some friends and ended up not making it down that far. Twas a bit disappointing really.

    Eh, not so good. I need some proper green wood I think, instead of just wet wood. Myself and the missus will be at Brockers next weekend so I might grab some then. How's the slingshot? I once went through a phase of making them out of bunches of metal hangers taped together. They worked pretty well. Stronger than you might imagine.
    its ok mate were being taking up by Raikey from harrogate he knows where hes going i think..... were not sure wether were going on sat or fiday?? will let u know
    I'll be driving, but I'm quite local. If I leave at 7.00 I'll be there first. Do you know where you're going? If you want to hook up somewhere I can show you where the woods are.
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