sleeping bag

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  1. A

    ID of an army sleeping bag

    New to forums, sorry if it's in the wrong place! Could anyone please tell me that kind of army sleeping bag I have? It's a dark green, 3/4 zip down the front, has a good with drawstrings, quite heavy guess between 2&4 kg and has a couple of internal pockets. All the label sais is 'sleeping bag'...
  2. Sub5mango

    Are all 900 down bags the same?

    Based on materials and construction (not rating), is there any reason that one of these 3 sleeping bags should be warmer than the others? 1. Alpkit 900 2. Rab 900...
  3. Sub5mango

    Silk sleeping bag liner

    At £50 are silk liners worth the extra expense over poly cotton at £10?
  4. Sub5mango

    Down or Synthetic

    I am looking at buying a new sleeping bag for the winter. I'll be sleeping on a thermarest venture mat with a macpac cocoon bivi under a basha. I've read about down being affected by damp yet it is so much lighter and smaller than synthetic. Is the damp really that much of a concern for down bags?
  5. M

    Camping in cold desert climate - sleeping bag/system

    To add to the million and one which sleeping system threads, I'm off to South America in September, and plan to do a fair bit of camping in and around the Atacama desert, and in Uyuni. During the time I'm there day time temps are likely to be around in the mid 20s, but night time temps will...
  6. slasha9

    Alternative to UK army issue Jungle Bag

    I was wondering if the collective wisdom of the group could answer a question for me and my eldest, he is waiting for a new posting and asked me if I knew of a better option than the issue Jungle Sleeping Bag. I have looked at a couple of the Snugpak Tactical and Special Force offerings and...
  7. Hippydude73

    Top shop

    This is my 1st post. Just got an army issue artic sleeping bag and bergin to complete my bush craft kit. Tested the bag out in my hammock last night and I definitively need an underquilt. The shop I got the gear from was genuine army Surplus in Darlington. Here's the link...
  8. theoctagon

    First Look - Mountain Equipment Xero MM Sleeping Bag

    For a while now I've been on the look out for a new lightweight sleeping bag for summer use. I really liked the look of the Rab top bag but these seem to be quite hard to come by and still command a premium second hand, the other bag I had my eye on was the PHD Minimus which I'd pretty much...
  9. theoctagon

    Mountain Equipment Firewalker Ultralight Sleeping Bag

    Selling this as it no longer gets used, Looking for £XX inc postage and fees, Paypal only please :-) Mountain Equipment Firewalker Ultralight Sleeping Bag in good condition Temp rating given as +22 to +5 degrees Centigrade, 0 degrees given as its Extreme rating Polar loft insulation...
  10. R

    SLEEPING BAG OMG WHICH ONE?!?! AM I STUPID?!? (I can also write in lower case).

    Right some frustration. I have. I go camping in the woods with mates. It's great. I have one massive problem tho and this is it - I don't know what sleeping bag to get. Now, I have a Carinthia Defence 4 which is arguably an amazing bag. I brought it because it was water repellent, light...
  11. A

    what sleeping bag would you recomend?

    Been looking for a sleeping bag for a while but there's so many, i want a light weight small packing bag 3-4 seasons. i've been looking at the snugpak softie range but i'm still unsure. what sleeping bag do you use aswell?

    gelert tryfan classic 300dl ?

    has any one had experince with this bag is it any good :confused:
  13. effzedess

    '58 pattern sleeping bag

    Hi guys, Just managed to pick up the above mentioned bag from a school fete. Very pleased with it (my first one), it's clean, lofts nicely and was a bargain at just £5. Having looked it over, it has some press studs down at the foot end - can anyone tell me what they're for? Many thanks Marc
  14. suburban bushwacker

    The Stuff Sack Re Imagined by Kifaru

    I’ve just received a pair of the stuff sacks from Kifaru – one for the bag and a large for compressing clothes. Impressed? Just a little bit! The design has to be one of the neatest re-imaginings yet; I’ve always found the ‘giant grapefruit’ shape of traditional compression straps to be an...
  15. R

    58 Pattern sleeping bag needs some tlc..

    Hi all, this is my first post onto the Forum ,just joined about thirty seconds ago. There's so much info on here! Great stuff! Just wondering if anyone knows a good way of washing a British Army down filled sleeping bag?? I received it today after ordering it yesterday! (great service via...
  16. Steve M

    sleeping bag with wiggle room

    I'm 6'3" and broad (but not massive). I've got a Softie 9 and I could really do with more wriggle room. Can anyone recommend a good -5/-10 sleeping bag which I can move around in a bit. Pack size and weight more important than cost. Cheers