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  1. decorum

    Playing with the Pups

    I have to admit to liking playing with ideas. Sometimes one idea's look-see will see you off on a tangent elsewhere :D . One idea tangent had turned up something the user(s) termed a Von Reck Shelter ~ original idea found here. It utilises four shelter halves formed into a square and is...
  2. Le Loup

    Making Camp. Using an oilcloth.

    I am not a great fan of tents. In my youth I used canvas tents, & I have slept in an army tent, but I prefer to be able to see what or who is outside, & I like to be able to use & access a fire for warmth in winter & for cooking & making tea.
  3. B

    Teepee or lean to?

    leave a post on what your favourite survial/bushcraft shelter is and if you could please leave a picture to inspire everyone else
  4. DonnyOutdoors

    Our Woodland Shelter

    In May 2013 we had an idea to build a woodland shelter, as a base to practice bushcraft. We found a great secluded woodland which we'd visited a few times before and began the build. The design was just improvised on the day, and it turned out to be quite a large shelter. Over the months we...
  5. theoctagon

    New shelter from Borah Gear

    Interesting new tarp/shelter on the Borah Gear site, not for me but thought it might appeal to some on here (Images from Borah Gear site) Matt
  6. E

    A great tarp for shelter making?? Need good advice

    I am searching for a great tarp for making shelters. I do not do hammocking. I want something that i can make alot of different shelter setups. I would use a rigdeline so attach points along the middle would be nice, generally just many attach points for different type of shelters. I would...
  7. WildMedic

    IPK Tarp / Basha End for added protection

    I have just completed a little project. I took an offcut of an IPK and cut it into a triangle. I added webbing corners that were riveted. On to these I attached shock cord with plastic hooks on the end. The upshot is an end that will provide extra coverage at the front of ends of a tarp. So, no...
  8. Elen Sentier

    Iggerant Question

    OK ... I is iggerant ... will someone tell me what (if any) are the differences between a tarp basha hootchie and are there yet more terms for the things?
  9. Chance

    Help with shelter ID?

    The nest of the grey-flecked elm-pollarder: I'm not sure how to classify it - wickiup, debris shelter? There's no trick photography involved: the structure is just as you see it, made up of snedded stems no thicker than a finger. It sits over the stone-lined hole that we cover with a...
  10. B

    Woodland Hide

    Went to my wood today, to clear up the branches that broke off the Scotts Pines with the weight of the snow. Took the larger pieces for my Woodburner, but used the smaller bits to start on Phase I of my hide and hopefully to be regular shelter. The ground level drops away behind the branches...
  11. P

    Tarp slagging off on outdoors forums

    Been on another forum related more to walking hiking and backpacking. There was a thread where there were a lot of, in my eyes, unfounded negative comments about the use of tarps. Granted midges are a problem but you can get very light bug nets these days that go over the opening of your...
  12. RAPPLEBY2000

    Turn your Army issue basha into a dome tent!

    Hi I don't know If I've shared this document before. a couple of years ago I was playing with my tarp and found a way of making it into a single pole dome tent and wrote it down! Here's what it looks like: here's how it's done(sorry, I don't have exact measurements): enjoy!