One Tigris Tentsformer / a 400g Lavvu

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Nov 26, 2020
I'm not paid to write this. I'm just into bushcraft AND wanting to practice my English (don't hesitate to correct me, it would help and won't be seen as patronizing. Thanx).

Official page with some useful informations

Preliminary Overview

It is the same principle as the "Plash Palatka", also known as "Polish Poncho".
I haven't used this gear a lot because, well... I won't keep it.

- the quality is consistent with the price. I would say even a little bit overpriced for "made in China" gear.
- the sewings are well made and waterproofed
- It weights less than what is advertised on the web site. The official weight includes the aluminium tent stakes and the rope. The weight of the poncho + stuff stack is around 400g /14.1 oz (instead of 650g / 22.9 oz).
- quite voluminous once stuffed in the sack. Expect a 1.2L Nalgène size. However, the casing is rather generous in size and provide an easy storaging of the garnment.
- I don't understand an really dislike the HUGE brand logo printed on the hood (I'm don't like being a walking billboard) and the female velcro patches on the arms that adds some weight and unwelcomed stiffness.


Poncho Mode

+ really covers the backpack (Savotta 60L on the pics)
+ partailly covers the legs and the sleeves
+ YKK ZIP + Velcro stormflap. In practice, unless braving a downpour, you just fasten the velcro in order to let is breathe.

- the hood is burdensoom to keep in place. Especially if you don't have a cap.
- the bungees are hanging of a good lengh. When walking trough shrubs, I alway fear to whip my eyes.
- because of the lengh, wich is 100% ok on flat ground, on may entangle its feet in the fabric when climbing a steep slope... And you can't fasten the fabric in the backpack bealt as easily as a regular poncho because the opening is ont the front, not on the sides.
- It flies in the wind, no surprises there.


Tent mode


Note: it's possible to join two pochos in order to build a closed tipi.

+ compared to a plash palatka, you have less depth and more wideness. I am 1m87 and therefore too tall for polish ponchos (even size "3 holes"). Under this shelter, I can lay all my lengh.
+ it protects from side winds very well
+ it's a funny camping experience =)


- you will need up to 6 to 8 tent stakes and 1 to 4 poles.
- it is much more longer to set up than a lean-to poncho because you will also need to tense the "arm flaps". If you don't, water will leak.
- you will need a water resistant sleeping bag (Carinthia DEF or Exped Waterbloc) or a waterproof bivy.
- unless building a tripod superstructure, you will have the pole in the face
- because you have less depth than a plash palatka, you struggle to store your backpack at the back.. And it protrudes a little bit on the outside. You should use a waterproof backpack like a Crux AK or at least something like a Savotta. Definetly avoid anvas backpacks.
- beware of fire near the fabric. It melts...



-> If I wan't to have fun with a "minimalist" shelter / ultralight adventure, I would still prefer a lean-to poncho (that I could also build in a low profile shape if the weather is awfully bad). I have a 200g silnylon poncho (also from One Tigris) for this that is really perfect.
-> If it's for an "every day" shelter, I would prefer using a 3m x 3m shelter that's weights roughly the same (DD Tarps, lightweight range).
-> I don't like this item as a rain garnment (too long, cumbersome hood)

I won't keep it and sell it.

If this item was made in silnylon (much durable and lighter) and with less disgraceful details (velcro, logo, bungees), I'd have changed my opinion.

Oh one last thing, some advertising for myself =)
Please take a look at my Instagram account. I really, really, really struggle to reach people living outside of French speaking countries (algos...).


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