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    Fancy folding knife sheath

    Hei! I was gifted a folding knife some time ago. Last time I used one on daily basis was in my childhood. But I have become to love this folder so damn much that it sometimes does the tasks that my belt knife usually does. Excellent folder! So I made a leather sheath for it to carry on the belt...
  2. Dave Budd

    For Sale Sharpening Course: Feb 4th

    I've got a sharpening course coming up in a few weeks time and there are still spaces, so thought I'd see if anybody here would like to take them up at a special BCUK discounted rate! :) One day course to learn how to sharpen knives and axes primarily. I'll go through edge geometry...
  3. Dreadhead

    3 Handmade Leather sheaths for Mora Clipper

    Just finished these three sheaths. Made to fit a standard Mora Clipper, but will also fit the heavy duty version. Each sheath is made from 3-3.5mm veg tan. Each has a removable belt loop so that they can be adjusted for neck carry. Two are hand carved with knotwork on both sides, dyed in...
  4. P

    An axe mask (and an axe...)

    Hello, I made this axe (along many others) and decided it was time i tried myself with an axe mask. Leatherwork is not really my cup of tea, and so i made it as simple as i could, which worked out alright i think! I chose a stud button for the snap, also out of simplicity, i quite like...
  5. Dreadhead

    Custom Viking Sword Scabbard

    Hey all, Just finished another custom sword scabbard for a chap in France. Luck would have it we both have exactly the same sword, so it was nice and simple to build having my own blade here. Also gave me a chance to take mine down off the wall, re-wrap the handle with some nicer waxy leather...
  6. Angst

    Latest Knife Sheaths & 'Stained Glass Window GB SFA Masks

    Hi...just finished some more items to go in my Bushcraft Show stock boxes....the glaringly bright sunshine has not made the pics exactly accurate but hey, who's complaining! hope you like! regards Sonni
  7. Angst

    My First British Blades Commission...Nightmare LOL!

    Hi...recently joined BB and one of the members contacted me straight away to do him a sheath...I had a quick look at the pics available and said yup yup....very happy to get a commission so quickly. A week or so later I picked the monster up to start work and noticed how slim the leading edges...
  8. Angst

    DC3 & DC4 'Signatures', Ka-bar USMC, Fairbairn-Sykes & One For The Leftys

    Hi all... Hi...just finished making these, the DC3 & DC4-pouch versions are the first ones made from my recently up-dated templates...over-all happy with them...not edge-koted yet but as the sun was out I grabbed the picture whilst I could, hope you like! regards s
  9. Angst

    Sheath Commission For Brother Ammo...W.I.P.

    Hi...Kal asked me to do him a custom version of my 'signature sheath' (that's what Angela always refers to it as anyway, not I, sounds arrogant lol)...among other things (he's a hard man to please) he wanted it in a mix of brown and mahogany with a tooled border and the firesteel loop dropped...
  10. Dobloz

    Sheath / holster for a hook / crook / spoon carving knife - Simple, cheap and quick !

    Hi all, Thought i'd share a quick, cheap and easy way to keep a Mora 164, hook, crook, spoon carving knife safe. Not sure whether to call it a sheath or a holster. I'm sure someone will explain and advise me on the right terminology... :p i've seen the lovely leather covers and the carved...
  11. Angst

    Sheath For A Battered Old Machete

    Hi...a friend of mine found this old machete at a dump and asked me to do him a sheath for it...he said 'no need to do anything fancy....a rough job will do'.....but being a lot wider at the end than the top wouldve required me to basically make him a 'bucket', so loose at the top it wouldve...
  12. Angst

    Ray Mears Wilderness Axe...New Sheath Done! you may know I received my new axe a couple of days ago and last night about midnight I started on the first 3am it was clamped up whilst the glue dried....and I went to bed nervous lol..... I decided to take a risk and go for one with a tooled border all the way...
  13. Angst

    Gransfors Bruks Axe/Hatchet Sheaths most of you know I am continually expanding my range of masks for Gransfors Bruks Axes...I currently make them for: Ray Mears Wilderness Scandinavian Small Forest Wildlife Hunters Outdoor Small American Felling please note that there are sometimes discrepancies in head...
  14. Angst

    Bahco Laplander Sheaths

    Hi... sheaths for the famous laplander...I usually have these in stock, please email if interested....and of course I can do them in black... regards, Sonni
  15. Salaud


    4 month old Leuku and Puuko combi Leuku has 8 1/4 inch blade and 5 1/4 inch curly birch and antler handle Puuko has 3 inch blade and 4 1/4 inch curly birch and antler handle Leuku is 2.5 mm thick, Puuko is 2mm thick both are carbon steel and shaving sharp, easy to resharpen. Leuku...
  16. Samon

    Modified sheath - Picture heavy!

    I had a little time today to myself so decided to work on making my leather belt sheath a bit more.. to my liking! It's the standard sheath for the Buck 110 hunting folding knife and although a nice thick servicable sheath I didn't like the over sized belt loop and found the button flap...
  17. Angst

    Everything I've made in the last ten days or so....

    Hi...thought i'd get everything out to see what it looked like altogether...i've been doing a lot of mixes with browns/black/mahogany etc and different finish permutations and wanted to see the over-all effect...hope you like!...sorry for the naff idoor/flash photography, pouring outside...
  18. Angst

    Martindale Golok sheath stained glass window version 2

    hi...just finished this yesterday...tried some new effects and colours...the dyeing/painting alone took about 2 hours or so...hope you like! i've made another with some modifications and a more complex dye-job that took about 4 hours...should have pics on here tomorrow, needs assembling...
  19. dimi.t.dfd

    Kydex sheath finished

    A kydex sheath for multicarry (horizontal & vertical) with a firesteel attachment. I really like the G10 Jade handle. Everything made by me :) Grtz, Dimi
  20. Angst

    Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet sheath for sale ...brown & brass

    ***WITHDRAWN***Hi...Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet sheath for sale.....made from lovely stiff 3.5/4mm veg tan shoulder and embossed with with my makers mark...hand-dyed artificial sinew, thick welt, black edge kote and brown finish with brass press stud....£22-50 by paypal and...