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  1. bobnewboy

    A battery-powered workshop lamp recommendation.

    Hi All, We moved down to the rural south west two and bit years ago now. It sounds daft, but I had no idea just how dark the garden and sheds etc would be at night. One night, shortly after we moved in, I arrived home on the KTM, and on switching the bike off I realised I couldn’t see...
  2. spader

    Paraffin Lamp advice / recommendations please

    Hi All I will be putting the Wildo Stove in my wooden shed soon. I have ordered a silicon flashing kit for the flue. Waiting for the parts to arrive. Now next thing I need is lamp, as there is no electricity coming into the shed yet, I am planning to use paraffin lamps until the power is...
  3. Col_M

    Old Tilley servicing

    Hi Ladies and Gents! I've just bought a 1964 Tilley X246A from ebay and will service it when I am back in the UK over xmas. I've used Tilleys loads when I was back in scouts but never had to service one. What are the usual things that need checking/cleaning? I'll get one of the 'Old 498'...
  4. craeg

    Industrial style extending desk lamp

    Hi All Does anyone have one of these old extending desk lamps lying around in their house or garage that needs a new home? I need one for my sewing machine. I have lots of bushy stuff to swap or could also sort you out with a leather product. ATB Craeg