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  1. B

    New Petition on Offensive Weapons Bill

    This one aims to add an amendment of ID being checked on delivery to a residential address by a fit for purpose delivery service, I think it's got a better chance of success than a petition simply asking the government remove section 15 completely and will allow the industry/businesses to...
  2. BradRadical

    My new Knife & Pocket Sharpener.

    Hey guys! So I registered today and I also received a couple new goodies in the post! Number 1 is the main event of the post and it’s my new KA BAR & Becker BK7! All I can say is woah, was a lovely piece of kit! My plans for this knife is to put it through it’s paces and eventually strip the...
  3. Angst

    Knife...Designed By Me, Made By HillBil

    hi...about a year ago a drew out my first knife, cut the blank out and freehand ground it on my sander...have never got round to doing the heat treat so recently i sent it to Sir Hillbill who's done the business and done it very nicely indeed thankyou mate!...he got carried away and did me three...
  4. rkknives

    catapults and knives

    hi guys just thought i would post these up here as they are the things that i make in my spare time and sell please pm me for prices catapults range from £25 and knives from £55 complete with handles and sheaths payment through paypal, cash, cheque or postal order atb rob
  5. ExHelot

    Condor Bushlore Knife

    Purchased through Amazon for $30.35 (USD) with free shipping. The pattern seems to be ubiquitous in ‘bush-craft’ knives made by other companies. I purchased this knife to replace a Helle ‘Symphoni’ which was a pretty darn good woods knife, but just not thick enough for my taste. My wife had been...
  6. leon-1

    Guy Stainthorp knives

    Earlier this year I contacted Guy Stainthorp about making a knife (Chris Claycomb had suggested him and that's a good reccomendation to follow IMHO), I originally asked about blade blanks, well you’ll never know if you don’t ask, before being politely informed that he...
  7. 3

    Benchmade, Seber, buck, crkt, S&W Victorinox

    Evening all, I have a few knives I need to clear out to make some room. All prices are with Paypal and RM 1st Recorded or RMSD Photos of all the sharps are here: 1. Benchmade Barrage 580 with box and pouch. Very light use. £110. £100...
  8. 3

    Maxpedition Malaga, Knives and stuff

    A few other bits to go. I haven't taken pics yet, but loads out there. Pics on request as well just let me know. Will try and get some pics up later today or tomorrow. Paypal preferred and all prices include RM Recorded Delivery or Special. 1. Maxpedition Malaga bag in black. Only had...
  9. kard133

    2011 Knives-UK Show

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but is anybody else going to this years event on Sunday 10th July? Quoted from the event website "This year's knife show will include outdoor demonstrations on forging and grinding knives, and a cutting demo from members of BladeSports UK. A selection of the...
  10. kard133

    Mora 511 at Clas Ohlson

    Mods please move this if it is in the wrong forum, I popped in Clas Ohlson in Cardiff earlier today, and although they are not on display, and you have to ask for them, they are selling the Mora 511 at £3.69, or £3.16 if you buy three or more. They had 20 when I when in, and 17 when I left ;)
  11. kard133

    Workshop Heaven, discounted Mora's and free shipping

    I just came across this on Britishblades (thanks to Big Steve), Workshop heaven are selling Mora's at ridiculous prices, I just brought a Mora Bushcraft Forest Knife for £15 with free shipping, they also have the Triflex, force and 2000 for £15 each. Site is look under...
  12. A

    FS Swamp Rat Knives

    Hi All, Up for sale are a couple of my Swamp Rat (Busse) knives. Camp Tramp - As new, never used. No longer made and very hard to come by. - SOLD Specifications: •Blade - 190.50mm(7.5") •Thickness - 6.35mm •OAL - 317.50mm(12.5") •Steel - SR101 steel at 58-60HRC •Handle - Respirene C...
  13. M

    Bushcraft SAK

    Hey guys, this is my first thread and i was just wondering. If victorinox were to phone you up tomorrow and ask you to design a Bushcraft swiss army knife for them what tools would you pick? You can pick existing tools and you can also create your own but they have to be realisitic