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  1. H

    Forest Hunter Course Review (Frontier Bushcraft)

    It took me a long time to get round to writing this review, but now that I’m booked on for another course with Frontier Bushcraft (Expedition Canoeing Skills) , I feel that this is somewhat overdue... The Forest Hunter Course with Frontier Bushcraft was a fantastic experience and something I...
  2. H

    Frontier Bushcraft’s ‘Forest Hunter’ Course

    Hi, I wasn’t able to post this in the Courses section as I didn’t have the requisite ‘privileges’ to do so... hope this is close enough. I am enrolled in the Paul Kirtley Forest Hunter course this October, I had missed the enrolment period but managed to get one of the cancelled spaces...

    Wild greetings from Estonia!

    Hei! Greetings from a Finno-Ugric lands, Estonia! I do handmade leather-work for a living. When not working on leather, I am usually out- tracking, hunting/gathering or building a dug-out canoe - a very old style of finno-ugric canoe called "haabjas" in Estonian. It is likely that these kind...
  4. Le Loup

    Tomahawk Throwing.
  5. D

    Another bushcraft jacket thread

    Hello! I know this has been done to death but I'm really struggling choosing a jacket. I'm looking for something for bumming about the woods, nothing too technical or expensive. Main criteria then: 1.)Budget, under £200, preferably new. 2.)Robust with regards to bushes and fire...
  6. L

    Swap a new and unused Fallkniven A1

    Had the knife for a bit less than two weeks and am interested in any offers with regards to a trade, with my express interest being to trade for a bushcraft knife; something along the lines of a Jacklore would be a perfect example Thanks
  7. coastal survival

    Scotland 2014 - Coastal Hunter Gatherer Course - Photo album.
  8. Samon

    Made a Priest! WIP - Picture heavy!!

    Good morning, forumites! I knocked up a hunting priest with some scrap snooker cue that was left over from material sourcing and figured you guys would like to see how it was done. The idea of the 'priest' is to humanely dispatch small game after catching, snaring or shooting it by bonking it...
  9. Samon

    Weihrauch HW45 .22 air pistol for swaps!

    Reluctantly, I am testing the water to see what is out there in return for my beautiful air pistol. It is a Weihrauch HW45 model in .22 calibre, it has two power stages, the later providing around 5.5ft/lb with premium middle weight pellets (I've been using RWS hobby flat heads for plinking and...
  10. A

    New self made bow

    I've always felt the need to make my own bow, many times i've tried and every time i failed i selected a nice piece of wood but rushed the bow and finished it in just a few hours, of course they all broke after a few tugs on the sting. so a few days ago i sat down and decided to take my time and...
  11. Samon

    Brilliant air pistol for swaps! Webley Alecto .177!

    Withdrawn! I'll be keeping this one for myself!
  12. Samon

    Custom Crosman 2240 pistol up for swaps!

    Gun is now gone!
  13. M

    permission ?

    how would i go about getting permission to shoot on land ?
  14. Loenja

    high power bands

    where can i get high power (hunting) bands for my cattys, 1plywood diy and a blackwidow i was thinking fishfish's bands for the ply, and i dont know what for the black widow thanks Lonja
  15. Loenja

    weihrauch hw80k vs hw57 vs95

    could anyone help me decide between them they are all in the same bracket (price wise), i like the idea of underlever, but have heard that the breach is fiddly could anyone shed some light on this. thanks in advance Lonja
  16. plastic-ninja

    Kershaw blade trader 3 blade knife.

    I have for swaps an oldish kershaw "blade trader" system knife with black rubber covered handle and three blades in the original cordura-type belt pouch and with a plastic insert. Blades are sharpish hunting blade,filleting blade which looks a little twisted to me,and a decent sawblade. I got...
  17. Loenja

    alternative weapons

    i was wondering if we could approach this topic from a solely educational way. i was wondering if there are any alternative hunting weapons(not commonly know/used). and if people know their legal status that would be great. eg: cattapult, atlatl, sling, slingbow etc i know hunting with a...