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  1. DudleyDoRight

    Wild camp and fish.

    Hello everyone. Rookie fisherman here looking for a good spot to wild camp, wake up and fish. Somewhere without permits or easy to get permits maybe online or something. Don’t want to bother anybody concerned about Covid 19. Any recommendations? Would be much appreciated. Obviously for after the...
  2. S

    Foraging Bideford.

    Hi all, I'm going to Bideford, North Devon in a couple of weeks and interested in doing a little foraging there. Anybody had any experience there? Kayak / Fishing? Fishing? Crab / Crayfish trapping? General foraging? just about anything really. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks
  3. mousey

    well a couple of hours out

    Hi all, My eldest has wanted to go fishing for a long time he's been asking for a few years, I thought it was fad he'd fall out of, however I bought a cheap fishing set to see if he'll stick with it. I've never fished nor had any interest to do so as such I have no clue what to do at all, so...
  4. T

    help, fishing line and/or hobo.

    i have all the gear but no idea. can someone teach me the basics of fishing. ive tried and had no luck. i would love to catch and cook my own, but up to yet ive had to catch my fish from tesco..
  5. D

    advice for Scotland hike and camp

    Hi all, I'm looking to take a little break in Scotland, I live in Durham and would preferably only want to drive a max of 2 hours. I'd like to be able to park up somewhere, hike for maybe 5/6 miles and then wild camp by a nice loch for a bit of fishing for a cpl of nights before returning. Does...
  6. coastal survival

    Scotland 2014 - Coastal Hunter Gatherer Course - Photo album.
  7. Samon

    Fishing - How do I get started?

    Yo, Early morning chaps! I've been thinking lately about getting more hobby time under my belt and more time out of the fort. My commitments to my very limited shooting club are rocky at best due to personal obligations so I was thinking about a more relaxed and cheaper hobby I can get into...
  8. JC1984

    First paddle...stalked by a whale!

    Well - checked the forecast yesterday and it looked like it was going to be a nice start this morning. So, set my alarm and was up and out by 6.30am, took a little while to get the new kayak into the water as it's a little on the heavy side for one person to carry. It's a Galaxy tandem...
  9. Samon

    Made a Priest! WIP - Picture heavy!!

    Good morning, forumites! I knocked up a hunting priest with some scrap snooker cue that was left over from material sourcing and figured you guys would like to see how it was done. The idea of the 'priest' is to humanely dispatch small game after catching, snaring or shooting it by bonking it...
  10. coastal survival

    Coast Hunter Course - New date - 25th/26th May 2013.

    Coast Hunter Course - New date - 25th/26th May 2013 West Dorset. This unique course was voted one the best 52 weekend courses in the world by Lonely Planet magazine. Learn to forage and hunt along the seashore, setting over night traps and nets. Improvised survival fishing and convention...
  11. PropThePolecat

    Went Garfish fishing today!

    Its Garfish season! The season starts in late april, where hordes of Garfish migrate to the coastal waters to spawn. Thats European Garfish (Belone Belone) and not the freshwater Gar that my american friends think of. They're great game fish! They strike with aggression, leap out of the water...
  12. L

    Basic Net Making

    I found this online. A good part series on making netting. Uses such as fishing or trapping. Hope it helps.
  13. bushcraftmyway

    where to look for fishing bait...

    definitely not the first place that comes to mind... but definitely worth to look in there when in need for fishing bait:
  14. Totumpole

    Copper Fishing Lures

    Thought I would share some fishing lures I have been churning out on my "sick day" today. It's all from the tutorials in Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine issues 10 & 11. I've used some copper from plant pot labels (rather than pipes as in the tutorial), its pretty thin but i hope with some...
  15. wattsy

    fly fishing travel rod?

    anyone got any recommendations for a nice travel fly rod, preferably with a reel, for around 60 quid? i've seen a few fly fishing starter kits but they tend to be 2 piece rods so still quite long to be wandering around with. it'll be mainly used for poking around tarns and streams in the lakes...
  16. coastal survival

    What do want to know about Coastal Survival?

    sorry please delete
  17. ZDP-189

    WTB Speedhooks

    Hi, I want to buy upto 5 speedhooks for use in survival training in the Philippines. I can buy them in the USA, but most sellers I've found require around $50 in shipping. I'm ready to pay a reasonable price for new or used kit. I'm after the spring setter, the line and hook are incidental...