1. A

    What are the best non-store bought tinders

    What are the best tinders for transfering a spark from a fire stick into a flame on dry grass, at the moment i use kapok but i want to find something not store bought in uk terrain. Advice please
  2. D

    Planning Weekend getaway

    My friend and I have both done some basic survival training through true ways survival courses, was great fun and were looking to get away from the world in 2020 and camp up by the sea side with a fire and subsistence fish for 2 or three days. Were city boys and outside the training, camping...

    Trip Report Video of trips in late autumn/early winter in Estonia

    Hei! Not really a bushcrafting video but rather a collection of clips from few places I visited past 4 months for your enjoyment. Any thoughts and critics are welcome. Still learning about filming and editing.
  4. mousey

    well a couple of hours out

    Hi all, My eldest has wanted to go fishing for a long time he's been asking for a few years, I thought it was fad he'd fall out of, however I bought a cheap fishing set to see if he'll stick with it. I've never fished nor had any interest to do so as such I have no clue what to do at all, so...
  5. Le Loup

    Recognising/Identifying Punk Wood Tinder. Video 3 FINAL.
  6. Le Loup

    Reading Glass Fire Lighting.
  7. Le Loup

    Update on my "Tools of The Trade".

    Not a lot has changed here, the tomahawk (Trade axe) is the same, so is my hunting knife & legging knife. I made myself a new stag handled friction clasp knife, I finally found the flintlock pistol that I wanted. This pistol is .70 caliber with a left hand lock, so I can carry it in my belt on...
  8. T

    Woodland Campsite In Gloucestershire

    Hi All Can anyone point me in the direction of a woodland campsite, ideally one that allows open fires in Gloucestershire. There used to be a guy on here that ran a site like I have described, I shared a few messages with him but never got round to visiting his site. Have been camping in the...
  9. P

    Bow drill trouble

    Hi guys, I have been practicing outdoor firelighting now for the past 2 years (and bushcraft thanks to this forum). I have went through all the motions (buying to much basically!). I am now down to a basic kit I use consistently; billy can with hobo stove Swiss ranger stove (doubles for...
  10. J

    Help needed finding a fire grill

    A friend of mine has asked me for help finding something quite specific and I told him I knew just where to ask. He is a reenactor, mainly WW2 but sometimes also Napoleonic era. He is looking for a free standing grill to put over an open fire on which to keep a kettle on the boil and cook his...
  11. TheBrook

    Bushbox XL Review and Tips

    It's that time once again my friends on the Bushcraft UK forum, Firstly, as always, I hope that this message finds you well? Secondly, I have had my Bushbox XL for a while now and have really been able to put it through it's paces, here are my thoughts and even some tips and tricks...
  12. H

    How to make Wood Bowl from Spruce Wood and Fire

    Ross shows "how to" create a wooden bowl, using fire, wood and a hand tool. Modern technology is not able to provide the satisfaction of creating your own eating utensil from the wilderness of the bush. Does anyone else here have any experience in creating utensils in this way? We are new here...
  13. H

    Beginner's look

    I want to share my experience as a beginner in the world of bushcraft in case there are any 'just curious' browsers reading this forum wondering what all the fuss is about. I have been lucky enough to live near what I, with a glorious lack of precision, like to call 'the countryside', for my...
  14. Samon

    Antler handles! a few recent creations - WIP Pic heavy!!

    After buying a large box of antler bits from one of our own forumites I got to work making use of some of it! Handles! good bits of antler make very attractive handles for all sorts of bits and bobs and I've done a few now so would like to show them to you all :) First off a not so new...
  15. Angst

    Mini Firesteels

    hi....just oiled these lil' cuties....measuring between 9 and 11 cm long in total...the steel is just under 4mm diameter and 4cm long... a
  16. D

    Bushcraft in sweden

    Freestyled up a video yesterday from when i went to the woods for the night. Just started making videos so dont be hating on me...;) Have a nice one! Pz from sweden
  17. D

    YouTube Channel - Bushcraft Videos

    Hey Guys, If you get a second check out my YouTube channel and if you like what you see then please subscribe!
  18. D

    Frontier Bushcraft course and what I thought of it!

    Hey guys, I recently went down south on a bushcraft course with and really enjoyed it. Personally I've been into bushcraft for years now but going back to the basics was really enjoyable. The course was taught by Paul Kirtley, former course director at...
  19. D

    Different fire methods, in particular the upside down fire

    Hey guys, I recently went ahead and tried my hand at the upside down fire to see if it was more beneficial than your standard teepee style. To my dismay I found that it wasn't half as satisfying, you don't achieve the flame or heat you want and it's much more work as you have to keep adding too...
  20. Angst

    Some firesteels I've just capped

    all done by hand (as in i dont have a lathe or bandsaw so getting totally straight cuts or roundness is tricky for me) on an old b&d grinder..... two monster ones....pretty useless things really but boys with toys eh? cocobolo and buffalo horn....(and yeah i'm pee'd off about the glue visible...