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  1. J

    For Sale Benchmade 940

    Benchmade 940 like new 160 GBP TYD. Paypal. Over 18's only.
  2. J

    Sold Custom Victorinox Bushcrafter reduced

    Victorinox Bushcrafter (Custom made, anodised green alox scales, pins replaced with titanium torx screws) SOLD
  3. BigMonster

    Practical survival kit.

    Hi guys. I don't believe in survival kits, in the woods or mountains your pack is your survival kit. And in urban enviroment you will find around yourself much more than you can squeeze in to altoids tin. Instead I carry few EDC items that are usefull in every day life and would be very...
  4. TheBrook

    Having the Right Knowledge

    Hello everyone on the Bushcraft UK Forum, I hope that you are all well and that the weather isn't restricting your outdoor activities too much? While away with my profession I was not able to take my everyday carry items (such as a knife and fire lighting equipment) this led to a little...
  5. T

    Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger Bag

    Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger Bag in green ideal for 'bits and bobs'. BNWOT- I bought it as a camera bag but it was to small. Ideal EDC thought. I just have to many bags. £75 ono incl postage
  6. T

    15% OFF Fenix & Zebralight

    just a heads-up there is a discount code 'flash15' gets you 15% off Fenix and Zebralight flashlights/torches on www.edcgear.co.uk until Sunday
  7. T

    15% OFF Fenix & Zebralight

    just a heads-up there is 15% off Fenix and Zebralight flashlights/torches on www.edcgear.co.uk until Sunday :) use discount code 'flash15' at checkout
  8. Biker

    Vintage EDC folders (or pen knives as I knew them)

    While having a rummage the other day looking for that other straight razor of mine I discovered a box I had which had these three folders in it. All three used to belong to my grandfather, I remember handling the one with the horn scales on it when I was a kid in the 60's. The one with the...
  9. Retired Member southey

    Stainforths and Severourick hatchet

  10. Nightwalker

    My Everyday Carry (Ashley Cawley's EDC)

    I thought I'd share my EDC with you seeing as I get asked what I carry often... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g23CSBAKOA
  11. jeffz

    What's in your pockets?

    I just reviewed my EDC at: http://www.jeffzie.com/post/12567923468/my-edc-1-civilian-labs-slim-kevlar-wallet-2 1. Civilian Labs slim Kevlar wallet 2. Nite-Ize S-biner KeyRack keyring, with: - Spyderco Honeybee - Exotac Nanostriker firesteel - Refrakta CREE AAA torch - USB memory-stick...
  12. Samon

    Who likes a small blade?

    Do you like small knife blades on your fixed or folding knife? My question is mainly aimed at folding pocket knives, to be precise the ones that fall into our legal EDC line of knives. Now what I've seen for a long time with many peoples favoured EDC knives is the main blade/cutting edge...
  13. Totumpole

    Belt Kit (Pic Heavy)

    During one of my recent online surplus shop meandering I came across this: http://www.surplusandoutdoors.com/shop/british-militaria/military-collectables/millitary-issue-leather-double-984167.html I promptly bought it along with another few bits. Wasnt in great nick with some corrosion staining...
  14. Samon

    Svord peasant knife. A few mods! pic heavy!

    *UPDATEd 7/10/11* Ok so first off this thread has been made to show the few modifications I've done to the Svord knife in one piece instead of little bits on different threads. It's an old design of knife that works very well and for a price tag of £17 you can't really complain, that being said...
  15. Samon

    what's your prefered pocket knife? + pics!

    Let's see your pocket knife! What's you're favourite and why? What things do you choose in a pocket knife? Feel free to add pictures and stories about your trusty knife of the day! :)