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  1. T

    Seeking info on the original woodlore specs.

    Howdy Ya’ll, I’m new here, and thought that a British forum would be a good place to ask about the the original woodlore knife. I would like to have a go at making my own from an old file, and am curious if anyone could point me to a direct list of specs for the Ray Mears/Alan Wood woodlore...
  2. H

    Open River Canoe Adventures (ORCA).

    Hi, I’ve been a long time lurker in the forum and have only recently stated posting. I thought I’d write a quick review for a Canoe building course I completed last year with Open River Canoe Adventures (ORCA) in Pooley Bridge, The Lake District. ORCA offer amongst other things) four day...
  3. Lithril

    Mini Bow making video - Episode 4 (final episode)

    So the final episode in this series is here. Hope you've enjoyed these and look forward to the next video.
  4. Lithril

    Mini Bow making video - Episode 2

    Episode 2 of 4 of Wayne's Mini Bow making series is now up and running and ready for you to view.
  5. forestwalker

    Knots on zipper pulls

    The standard ones that most appear to use is just two overhand knots, but one can get more creative: The inner one is a knife lanyard knot, the outer one is the double knife lanyard knot (Ashely 787 and 788). What other nice knots do people use on their zipper pulls?
  6. forestwalker

    RM canvas pouch improved copy

    It is not plagiarism if you improve it, right? I took some old canvas and a YKK no 10 zipper and made a version of the RM canvas pouch: Basically I added interior pockets: a divided one in the back and a full size on in the front. Size: 15x13x8 cm Yes, I know there is an ugly seam mistake...
  7. Exploriment


    I’ve been using a lacklustre toiletry bag for my sewing kit for about 15 years. I guess it sort of did the trick, but it was lacking in many ways. I often thought that I should gut the interior and rebuild it. But it always ended up on the back burner. I jokingly figured I would finish all the...
  8. Charlz9mm

    Micro sporran

    I made this tiny sporran. It has a; cowhide flap, pigskin pouch and goat skin cord. Made from hobby shop scraps.
  9. forestwalker

    Battery storage

    How to carry batteries in the bush? Then I had an epiphany. Some spare webbing, some elastic, some velcro and a few munutes with the trusty Husqvarna 2000 sewing machine later: (Yes, I know, I will clean all the threads up)
  10. CommonZense

    DIY ridge-line organiser.

    Hi there! Quick post on sharing a project which I finished yesterday evening. I have a 2 compartment back pack (>10y old Tatonka) which I use for up to max 3 day trips. I'ld like to refer to the small compartment in the hood of the pack with the term 'grab bag'. To get this more organised, for...
  11. mousey

    Hammock Stand

    Here's a hammock stand. It was built to fit into the box room which has become my indoor space for my carp. The photos are in situ and it really IS a box room so not a lot of space to manoeuvre. Looking one way Then the other The other end is the same... The material was left in the back...
  12. mousey

    Computer Fire box

    Right, I acquired some computers from work, 2 didn’t work – well I couldn’t be bothered to make them work, and it was a good excuse to chop them up for something. One of the reasons I joined this forum was during a search on stoves, I was wanting to make a lightweight flat-packable totally...
  13. Dobloz

    Sheath / holster for a hook / crook / spoon carving knife - Simple, cheap and quick !

    Hi all, Thought i'd share a quick, cheap and easy way to keep a Mora 164, hook, crook, spoon carving knife safe. Not sure whether to call it a sheath or a holster. I'm sure someone will explain and advise me on the right terminology... :p i've seen the lovely leather covers and the carved...
  14. theoctagon

    MYOG Ti Caldera Clone

    Knocked this up earlier today from some 0.005 inch think titanium I had left over from a previous project. It's sized to fit my Toaks 550ml Ti pot, weighs in at 38 grams and using a MYOG pop can meths stove it brings approx 500ml of cold water to a rolling boil in a little over 6 minutes...
  15. R

    Suitable canvas for Tepee?

    After a load of research I still feel I need a second opinion on wheter I'd be able to use the following canvas for a tepee. It's not duck canvas, but does seem to be of a suitable weight. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. As...
  16. Samon

    Slow match - how to make your own! Pic' heavy.

    Righto chaparoonies!..? Um, having a little time the other day I had a poke around the mountain of hoarded goodies and stumbled across a few bits that I knew would make something neat. So, slow matches it is! For this recipe you need to pre-oil your hand drill, ready a vice and file and gather...
  17. C

    Places to shop for kit in Hants

    Hi all, I've been bitten by the whittling bug and I'm working on my first spoon! This (ahem!) three month project is, I'm sure, teaching me some valuable lessons. Not least, the importance of decent tools. I have a really nice Ben Orford hook knife, brought to me by a forum member, but my...
  18. H

    Theoretical and academic (for now) question about wood

    I am seriously considering making a tipi of fairly traditional design and am wondering, if I do not have access to Lodge Pole Pine (which I don't) and I only have common UK woods to choose from, what wood from the following list would be suitable for making 14ish foot long tipi poles from...
  19. big_swede

    Jacshirt sew-along

    I'm gonna make a new woolen jacshirt out of army blankets (dyed). And was wondering if anybody else would like to join this endeavour? It will be a perfect oppurtunity to make a decent fitting outergarment, and learn a lot about drafting, patternmaking and sewing in great detail during the...
  20. theoctagon

    MYOG Bathtub Floor

    Had the afternoon free yesterday so decided to get on with another MYOG project. I've got a Trailstar on order and wanted some kind of floor to use inside it. I've got a bivy (also on order...) and a polycryo sheet that i'll probably use most of the time but wanted a bathtub style floor to use...