Hands on Bushcraft - Bushcraft Experience 28th February

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Hi everyone,

We have our Bushcraft Experience course coming up at the end of February (28th).

This course covers a variety of skills including:
- Fire lighting
- Shelter building
- Tree and plant ID
- Game preparation
- Cooking techniques
- Spoon Carving

We are happy to offer members of this forum the course at the discounted price of £60

Full Course Description

The day will begin with an initial safety briefing and a ‘tour’ of basecamp. We will then hand you the tools you will be using for the remainder of the day, a knife and saw. Our instructors will guide you through safe handling and cutting techniques of both the knife and saw before you get started.
Bushcraft Experience Shelter.jpg

You will be taken to our shelter building area of the woodland where there will be various types of leaf litter shelters for you to have a look at. Our instructors will take you through the different types of improvised and natural shelters and how to construct them. We will also look at the trees and plants around us, taking note of their uses and importance – It’s always good to know what’s around you when your setting up camp. Once you’ve found a safe spot, it’s over to you to construct your very own leaf litter shelter, using natural bindings such as withies or roots to lash your shelter together and finally covering it with a thick layer of leaves and bracken.

Once your shelter is complete, we’ll head on back to basecamp where after a reflection of your achievements, we’ll move onto preparing a woodland lunch. Our instructors will guide you through preparing a pigeon using only your hands! After everyone has finished preparing their pigeon we’ll cook them up for a rustic woodland lunch. You will be shown and will have the opportunity to participant in some bushcraft cooking techniques.


After lunch, we’ll move gently onto fire lighting. Our instructors will take you through how to source different types of tinder ranging from bark to fungi as well as the various stages of firewood. After clearing the ground and laying out a base for your fire, you will get the chance to light a couple of fires using both the traditional flint and steel method and modern firesteel method.

The final part of the day will be spent back at basecamp, around the fire, where you will be guided through the fundamentals of carving with green wood. You will get a chance to carve you very own spoon or spatula, using native British wood such as Oak, Ash or Hazel.

Spoon Carving-small.jpg

Over the course of the day you will learn:

- How to safely use knives and saws, including various cutting techniques
- The fundamentals of shelter building including location selection and potential hazards
- How to construct a weatherproof shelter (leaf litter)
- How to identify useful trees and plants for food and medicine
- Methods of preparing game ready for cooking
- Bushcraft cooking techniques
- How to light a fire without matches (methods include flint & steel and fire steel)
- The fundamentals of carving with green wood

This course is fully catered.

This course will run on one day starting at 9am and finishing at 4pm.

Course Price £75 (BCUK members £60)

Location: This course is held at our Wiltshire site close Swindon.

“Just completed the Bushcraft Experience course and can highly recommend it. Adam and Ellie are very knowledgeable about their subject and know how to encourage participants. We did a range of activities including shelter building, game preparation (pigeon), fire starting using different methods and wood carving. Food was very tasty and the venue very peaceful. A great day!”


Drop me a PM or email info@handsonbushcraft.co.uk

Kind Regards