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  1. A

    ID of an army sleeping bag

    New to forums, sorry if it's in the wrong place! Could anyone please tell me that kind of army sleeping bag I have? It's a dark green, 3/4 zip down the front, has a good with drawstrings, quite heavy guess between 2&4 kg and has a couple of internal pockets. All the label sais is 'sleeping bag'...
  2. Buadhach

    Dutch army stainless steel mess kit set

    Hi folks, My pair of nesting mess tins came yesterday. I'd been looking for these for a while with no luck so was pleased when I saw this web page:- The ones I got came quickly and were exactly as described...
  3. Tagaeri

    US Army Goretex bivvy bag

    Selling my US Army Goretex bivvy bag in woodland camo. It's an unissued one of these: They're used in the US Army's four-piece modular sleep systems. Thick three-layer Goretex - really tough! All zips, fastenings, etc...
  4. craeg

    Genuine Issue Brand New Cold & Wet Weather Boots

    These have sold
  5. Angst

    Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger Sheath

    Just finished first draft and still drying lol....but here ' up is a revised sheath for Sir Caines Survival Tool as the Staniforths one is slightly different than the A. Wrights....I've had enough lol.... regards, s
  6. Th3V1k1ng

    US Army water bottle/canteen

    genuine us army water bottle... unsure of total amount of water it carries as dont have a measuring jug. Seems to be about the same size as a british army water bottle, so I;d say about a litre. very light weight. looking for £13 including p&p and paypal fees.. but cant post until after next...
  7. Th3V1k1ng

    Ghilly - ghillie sniper jacket for sale **PIC HEAVY**

    Here we have a once in a life time chance to own something super special. This took me about 150 hours to make. Pics taken in the local army store, same with the video. I took it in to see if they would sell it for me. Got some silly offers!! Anyway.. its made from a ripstop dpm jacket.. the...
  8. MertzMan

    British Army 45L Patrol Bag. FINAL PRICE DROP

    FOR SALE: Genuine British Army Patrol Bag. 45L with PLCE zips for adding your own side pockets. Solid construction. YKK Zips. Removable top flap. Top flap extends about 6 inches to give more space in the bag. Zips can be drawn together to reduce size of the bag as seen in the pics...
  9. roman-soldier

    Colchester Bushcraft Group

    Here's an open invitation to anyone in the Colchester and surrounding area to join a new group in North Essex. We have a few areas locally and also around Suffolk and we go out once or twice a month. (currently with Suffolk Group) I also have a local farmer who has a lot of woodland who is...
  10. RAPPLEBY2000

    The "British Army Hammock stretcher Lightweight" info thread

    The "British army Hammock stretcher" thread (info about this hammock only please) AKA "Hammock SAS Stretcher" (Arktis) AKA "SAS hammock" (silvermans) i personally use mine as an A frame bed/ground shelterwith mozzy net attached, never as an actual hanging hammock. What is the...
  11. Ethereal-Mooncat

    Army Surplus Kit? (Info NOT Suppliers!)

    I've just spent an hour googling this to no avail... so I was wondering if anyone here is in the know about where to go for Army Surplus Kit Useage Info?! As a soon-to-be Full-Time Bushcrafter (on a budget as tight as a Gnats A***) I recently bought some Army Surplus gear : mostly clothing /...
  12. M

    Danish M84 jacket - Any owners out there???

    Hey there all.... I'm thinking of purchasing a Danish army surplus M84 jacket as a (hopefully) bombroof jacket, that I don't mind wrecking in the woods as it's also cheap! The thing, is does anyone own one, and what do you think of them? If you have one and think there is a better alternative...
  13. RAPPLEBY2000

    Turn your Army issue basha into a dome tent!

    Hi I don't know If I've shared this document before. a couple of years ago I was playing with my tarp and found a way of making it into a single pole dome tent and wrote it down! Here's what it looks like: here's how it's done(sorry, I don't have exact measurements): enjoy!
  14. PREPER

    Fallkniven F1 wanted

    I have a fare bit of kit needing a home e.g. DPM Bergen with side pockets and yoke, OG bivvi bag, OG set of webbing, Snugpak reversable elite XXL jacket, DPM chest rig (new type), artic sleeping bag (new and old type), XXL clothing, crusader cup, camelbaks, bashas (DPM and OG), rucksacks, IPK's...