Dutch army stainless steel mess kit set

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Jun 2, 2015
Hi folks, My pair of nesting mess tins came yesterday. I'd been looking for these for a while with no luck so was pleased when I saw this web page:-


The ones I got came quickly and were exactly as described. They're a tad smaller than the traditional aluminium cheapies sold to festival goers but none the worse for that. OK, they're heavier than the aluminium ones but you can just take one with you if need be. I know this sort of messkit ain't fashionable in some quarters but they do have the advantage of being wide so they are fine on army hexy stoves, they're wide enough to mop up the heat from the whitebox or evernew alcohol stoves (precarious balancing act!!) and of course they could be pushed into the embers of a fire.

For them as don't like MRE grub, you can fry up a couple of strips of bacon, chuck in an egg and be traditional.

The edges are rolled over, a nice touch. Needless to say, I'm not financially linked to Surplus and Outdoors, just a happy customer.

If someone will kindly tell me when they've all gone I'll take this down: no point in cluttering the forum with dead info. Cheers.

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