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    Summer Moot 2020

    Hi Tony. Do you have any dates ready for the summer big Moot Cheers The interceptor boy
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    Bushcraft licence to and from the Moot to a place of Residence !

    Has anybody on this Forum ever had an issue with Police not liking a bladed tool / sharp implement carried on person, pack or vehicle? I feel the OP is creating a non existing issue, plus mixing in ethnic non problems? Last edited by Janne; Today at 16:20 How do you know that I am creating a...
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    Bushcraft licence to and from the Moot to a place of Residence !

    Hi Tony. I was wondering if by time we have a legitimate Bushcraft licence for carrying scary sharp cutting tools to and from the moot. Due to the climate we are living in. With all the atrocities going on in the UK and abroad. More so this applies if one is not a Caucasian C1. As I have...
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    fjellraven trousers, gillet and tarp

    hi There. do you still have the trouser.? I am interested in buying it. many thanks. tge interceptor boy.
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    Mackinaw wool vest? worth buying.

    hi Guys. I saw Chas was wearing one. and it looks the business. just wandering is it worth buying the Mackinaw wool vest in the Uk. for £112. Do you guys think it is a good price. or does anyone knows if they can get it at a much cheaper price. Any views well appreciated. cheers the...
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    MEGA THANKS for Tony and Shelly For Organising Another Brilliant .moot 2014.

    Hi All. just want to say .Many thanks for Tony and Shelly For doing a Sterling Jobs at the Moot. plus also all credits goes to the Motely crew for entertaining and keeping us safe. In spite of the Awful weather we have had in the last few days. see you all next year. JUST GREAT MOOT...
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    Resurrected Mini Crabs Group buy - Delivered by post or to the Moot.

    Midnitehound - 5 lots of 10. 2. Disruptive pattern - 2 lots of 10, Bundled. BACS/ADDY 3. Dark Horse Dave - 2 lots of 10, BACS?/MOOT 4. Granite Head - 2 lots of 10, delivered please 5. adestu - 5 lots of 10 BACS/ADDY 6. woodland mouse - 5 lots of 10 PP/ADDY 7. belzeebob23 - 2 lots of 10 PP/...
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    What to do with my Grandads old tools

    give them to me I look after them for you. if you have a round and flat chisel I buy or swap from you. cheers the interceptor boy.
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    Making a Capote (Blanket Coat).

    only if I have seen. I just made one to my own taste. it will do I guess. cheers Eric. the interceptor boy.
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    traditional finnish log house building process.

    Hi Guys. just finished watching this beautiful video on youtude about a group of master carpenters I would say in my humble opinion. going about their work. with mastery skills. very skilled people there with very very very sharp axes. saws. wooden / metal hammers, Augurs, watch out for a...
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    Amadou processing

    not in the kitchen unless you want to sleep permanently in the shed for the rest if your life. you could try just rubbing a slurry of ash in the amadou itself. or boil urine + ash + amadou. or dry amadou itself with flint and steel or a ferro rod. I usually cut the hard cuticle away and slice...
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    First Aid , App for Android/ smartphone. at a glance.

    Hi Everyone. if by chance you have a smartphone or an Android device and you haven't got any firstAid tips. to follow then this App might be of any help and its free. As everyone knows I am no expert at all even I do belong to a tribe. knowledge of first aid is always good and it is no...
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    Woodlore Australian hootchie- question

    yep that will do. I only use waterproof silicone these days . non waterproof silicone is hydrophobic but tend to peel off than waterproof silicone. something happens when it is mixed with white spirits or turpentine. or buy a tube of tarp sealant abd go all over your stitching on your Aus...
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    Woodlore Australian hootchie- question

    mixed two spoons of waterproof silicone with 4 spoons of white spirits until the liquid is runny and clear the go all over all your stitching on both sides. for now in winter. in the summer on a very hot day. you can go over the whole tarp on both sides which will last you a few good years...
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    possible lymes disease.

    any body who is going to bimble or play in the woods. should take a few minutes and carefully read these few articles and have a copy ready to provide to their Gp's in case of being bitten by the little nasty beasties. go to. lyme-disease- pro. some interesting...