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    Wax canvas tarps.

    Too busy sewing to get much time on the forums unfortunately, I do lurk now and again though @Dan1982 thanks for the recommendation Dan :)
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    Restringing a gathered end hammock (help)

    Bend a piece of wire in two thread it through the channel, put the paracord through the looped wire as it exits the channel and pull it back through. Alternatively just put a large zip tie through the channel and then prussic over the closed zip tie
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    I think supplies dried up when they shifted production from Germany to China
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    Advice on an old sewing machine

    Before buying anything I'd just hand crank it with a little thread to see if the timing is right and the feed dogs drag the fabric through. All bits are available but it's an effort to sort. If you're planning on using the treadle (i would) you can just buy the leather by the metre and it'll...
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    Waxed bags everywhere!

    Waxed bags everywhere!
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    Frontier stove in a bell tent

    I opted to have the stove and chimney to one side so as not to be as much of a burn/fire hazard and to keep the other side of the tent for cleaner things like sleeping and getting changed.
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    Bloody awful things: leaks, misting, slow, badly engineered.... Still the greatest and most cherished vehicle I've ever had. It's like a retarded dog: cute/cherished but doesn't half drive you mad
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    UKhammocks top quilt and other problems

    To be fair I make down filled gear and quite often getting the high fill power downs is a nightmare, long waiting times etc. I'm been in situations where I've had a pile of unfilled quilts waiting on the down to arrive.
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    Carboot bargin

    Lodge! Great find
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    Permanent outdoor camp at home!

    Looks fantastic, I hope you enjoy your holidays and it does not become too arduous. BTW I've found a constant low dose of periactin/cyproheptadine great for allergies
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    Amsteel UCR Help Needed

    I prefer to make my UCR ridge-lines long so they can be used on bigger or smaller hammocks (about 10'). I make the constrictor part from about a 4' piece with a minimum 12" bury and I still need a knot or elastic band to tension it or it'll slip
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    Ultralight Rucksack

    I've had a couple of Simond rucksacks from decathlon (some in-house buy out of a reputable name I think) that have been great. The cliff 20 is absolutely fantastic
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    Quilted Trousers for Hammocking

    Wearing extra insulation does work but it's worth remembering that the compressed insulation won't be doing much if anything to keep you warm when between you and the hammock body. Clothing augments the top quilt very well but not much underneath: you'll still need a warm enough pad or underquilt
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    sugar fix

    I buy my fructose from Holland and Barret, 500g is £1.99, in the superstores they're often only periodically available. I doubt the latest 'sugar is the new saturated fat' fad will help with its availability
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    A bit of traditional tattooing

    Awesome, just awesome.