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    5.11 Striker Trouser Sizes

    I have 4 pairs of these trousers and they are brilliant, but they do come up large I am normlly a 33-34in and purchased the 34in initially and had to send them back as they were to large in the waist but 32in fitted me perfectly.
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    surplus sleep system advice, please

    As you have had lots of views with no advice yet I thought I start the ball rolling, for sleeping under a basha in this country I reccomend the following. A good insulating mat which could be a self inflating or foam type, choice is yours but personally I would go for self inflating as they...
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    ESEE Izula Question

    That's right the coatings are all the same just different colours but I would say the green colour shows the wear less as I have a black Esee 5 and a Green Esee 3 which shows the marks less.
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    Spec Ops wallet, sheath and maxpedition wallet

    Sheath arrived today and it fits my Becker BK2 perfectly, many thanks. Stuart
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    Dartmoor 24 Hour Rat Pack Challenge....

    Hope so the first one was brilliant
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    A Spring Bushy Weekend..

    Sounds like a plan, I am in.
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    What did u get from bushy Christmas ???

    Did well this year the family got me a GSI stainless steel water bottle and matching mug Mountain equipment gortex gaiters and a new MTP bivvi bag. Just need a weekend off to try them out.
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    What did u get from bushy Christmas ???

    I think we need a saw and axe try out camp some time soon, eh Ivan
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    24 Hour Rat Pack Challenge Report And Pics (Heavy)

    Brilliant weekend the boys were on form and a great time was had around the camp fire, well done to Ivan for organising this one. Regards Dave (CAPS LOCK) Stuart Aka Patrols
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    Kit pack 24hr challenge

    Sorry folks I will swot up and try again, watch this space!
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    Kit pack 24hr challenge

    Kit sorted and ready to pack, bring it on!
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    £60 to spend... Do I buy a new bag or an insulated mat?

    I would go for the best sleeping mat you can afford and if you have any cash left over get a fleece sleeping bag liner, this should give you a good nights sleep as you will be insulated from the cold ground and a liner should give you another season at least to your sleeping bag.
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    MTP Lightweight Goretex Jacket - advice please from any owners/users

    These are good jackets they breath well and if you use the pit zips you should not overheat, the only problem I have encountered is in heavy rain you will wet out with water running down your neck as they dont have a hood.
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    Dartmoor 24 Hour Rat Pack Challenge....

    Hi Ivan, Due to a changes at work I now have next weekend off, :D is there room for one more on this I supply my own ration pack if you are running short of them. Stu
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    Our Summer! Pic Very Heavy!!!

    Nice pictures, looks like you have had a great summer as well, fancy a get together and a few beers.