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    Help? StealthCam power issue

    Hi folks, I found my old StealthCam the other day and have been checking it out to see if it's still usable. Everything looks clean in it, no rust or damage to the battery connectors etc. I put batteries it in and turned it on - took a bit of jiggling of the batteries to get the menu to come...
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    The best hot the world?

    I highly recommend the Chocolate Trading Company. For quicker (real) hot chocolate, buy the flaked chocolate (to avoid having to grate it yourself), or go for buttons or a block / bar and grate/chop. Add to warmed milk, whisk, and serve.
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    Home-made Hammock under-blanket (duvet) for Hennessey

    I'm having a clear out and finally letting go of a bunch of stuff that I've had for ages. One item is a home-made hammock under blanket for a Hennessey hammock I made before the group buy for the first BCUK one got made. (I got one of those too!) It was made to the pattern that was about at...
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    Miguel Nieto Roadrunner

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    Hoyt alphaburner compound bow

    Also, when selling compound archery equipment, its useful to know the draw length (and adjustment range), and draw weight range. Close ups of the serial numbers and manufacturers specs on the riser and limbs will also help.
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    Clearout - loom

    You have a PM...
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    Clearout - loom

    Having a bit of a clearout, and found a tabletop loom that has been in storage for a couple of years... :) I picked it up at some point a few years ago and never actually used it. I don't have the time or space now, so I'm happy to pass this on to someone who will get some use out of it...
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    rabbit skins - would anyone be interested if available?

    Hi all, I shoot the odd rabbit occasionally, and have always just disposed of the jackets - I had six rabbits yesterday, and as the bin men were due early this morning, I bagged them up and they went out with the trash as usual. It only occurred to me just now that someone else may have...
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    South West Meet Up.... 24 / 25 July

    They'll be Welsh terriers... Eventually I will make it to a meet.... :) Can't wait to compare pretty, sharp things, and learn new stuff... :)
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    South West Meet Up.... 24 / 25 July

    Can't make it... :( Will be on my way to Uganda for a short business trip... I'll be in the UK throughout August and at least the first half of september, although much of this will be spent looking after the expected puppies which are due mid-august.... :)
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    Help me find a knife?

    I've found something I think is what I'm looking for - although of course I won't know until I get it in my hands and try it out... :) I looked at Marttiini knives - the sheath style is exactly what I was looking for, and the slimline condor skinner was close...
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    Help me find a knife?

    Well, I like the Enzo and EKA that have been suggested, and also this Helle knife: The Grohmann's are interesting - not a design I would have considered normally... Remember this is not for butchering the deer, just for the...
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    Help me find a knife?

    Thanks for the replies guys - I'll check out the links today and see if I can find what I'm looking for. Mesquite - the main reason I'm staying away from a custom piece is price; generally a maker can't come up with a unique piece and be able to sell it at the same price as a commercial...
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    Help me find a knife?

    That kind of style, and a good price range, but the blade length is way too short at 3.8"...
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    Help me find a knife?

    I've been doing some searching on the web, trying to find a particular style of knife, but haven't quite found what I'm looking for. Maybe some of you sharps fans can help me out? I have the BRKT Northstar - it's close to what I'm looking for but the blade is a little short and since I have...