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    Firewood day!

    Madame's reaction was predictable. "There. Somebody 's got it right! And you told me not to bother to order ours yet. I'm ordering ours tomorrow !" Serves me right for showing her you post. She hasn't yet remembered that I was going to get a permanent Woodford organised - but she will!
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    Rosemary Infused Groundnut or Sunflower oil

    Rick Stein did a programme from where I spend much of my time in France. In it, a local fisherman showed him that he used sunflower oil in his mayonnaise rather than olive oil because " the taste of the olive oil is too strong". I'd be among the first to admit that Pyrenees- Orientales is not...
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    Word association game

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    Word association game

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    A wild fox visited me while I was building a house in the forest alone.

    Welcome! Really enjoyed this. Looking forward to the next part.
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    Surviving the Garden

    Thanks to lockdown, for the first time ever I found my self looking for something to do in the garden. Usually, I feel overwhelmed by all the weeding that has to be done then finding that by the time I think I've finished a new generation of weeds has grown up. I wish it was like housework...
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    Word association game

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    Encouraging Your Next Generation in the Outdoors!!!

    He seems to be just like my grandson was at that age. He is now 15 and retains all his outdoor interests. Our son is assiduous in supporting his activities by, for example, transporting him to the local woods where he works as a volunteer while resisting any temptation to interfere. It makes me...
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    Word association game

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    Great Spotted Woodpecker

    Actually I was wondering if this was a bird taking over a vacant territory. This was a female but we usually saw a male. New pairing?
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    Great Spotted Woodpecker

    Our local woodpeckers must be following this thread. One arrived on the bird feeder for the first time in several weeks. Could it be a new arrival?
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    What are you growing?

    We have the permanent things such as fruit trees and bushes. Then we have the regulars such as beans, mange tout, beetroot, garlic, salad or various kinds. Ever since British Red recommended them I've put in early nantes carrots: they are growing intermixed with coriander. The artichoke plant...
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    80th Birthday celebration suggestions, please. Update.

    She finds it hard to believe it too. Running after me keeps her fit!
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    Word association game

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    What beekeeping related activities did you do recently?

    A question for bee-keepers. Although we grew up in different parts of the country (Devon and Hampshire), both my wife and I were told as children that bee-keepers always tod the bees when there was a significant event in the family. This is supposed to ensure that the bees keep working for the...