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  • Im just off by myself to find it first of all,just been given the nod by my neighbour that theres one thats alot easier to get down to but still well off the beaten track, i will let you know what i find,maybe we could get a winter overnighter down there funds permitting? also got a possible Cairngorms-highlands winter camp in the planning stage.
    Good to hear it m8. All good here bar finances :) I haven't moved as I got big time arrears as well as other money stuff but I'm treading water and optimistic about finding a better paid job soon.
    Sounds good about Lumsdaine :) Who you going with??

    I've not been out following the craft much but had a good number of nights out when I had my lads over...I slept out under the stars as they cached themselves away in the tent :) ... they missed the shooting star and the fox at close quarters!

    I had a work related camp out too. We had a sleep out event for youngsters and their parent. Great fun in a local country park...everyone under tarps - there were about 25 in total. We had night walks, ghost stories and marshmallows on the open fire. Crackin' stuff.

    Hope to see you soon mate and good to hear you are well and getting out :)

    Not to bad thanks John, hows things your end? did you end up moving? im off next week to check out a new beach down Lumsdaine way thats ment to be a lot easier to get to, ive had a few campouts since we last met,how bout you been out much? if your ever in the area let me know.
    Hey John,

    Just wondering what the apprenticeship is that you are doing, and how you found out about it. I have been looking around but the ones I come across are either for teenagers, require you to have a job already or have no openings. It would be nice to do something with trees and get a couple of quid from it too.


    Great pics fella. It's nice to have a taste captured.

    Thanks for putting them up, see you next time :)

    Hey John,

    Yeah glad to see you found your way alright. I just posted up some photos and stuff so check 'em out.

    Look forward to next time.

    aye great weekend, im working on uploading some pictures just now, ill see if can upload the compressed ones and send a link to an album to you.
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