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    Wicklow Bushraft Meetup - Autumn

    Cheers for that, Wayne.
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    Wicklow Bushraft Meetup - Autumn

    Hi, It's been ages since I was out doing bushcrafty things. Since moving back from the UK the closest I have got is doing some hiking. Would anyone be up for a Bushy meet in the Wicklow Mountains this Autumn? I don't know any good spots or anything, just seeing if there is any interest...
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    Under quilt.

    Cool. Are you going to show us a step by step?
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    Pencil Carvings

    Has anyone seen these amazing carvings?
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    New Camera

    Thanks for the feedback guys
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    New Camera

    Thanks for the help there Brancho
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    New Camera

    Ah Jebus, Why hasn't that worked? Here is the link to the album if you wanna take a look:
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    New Camera

    Hi all, I got a DSLR for Christmas. Below are some of the photos I took over the holidays in Ireland. Hopefully this year I'll get out a bit more and take some nice shots. Let me know what you think.
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    Article: sugru

    Since it has such weatherproof properties I am guessing that it isn't biodegradable. Is this the case?
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    Cool, thanks for the replies people. You are all so wise :)
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    Heyo, I was just wondering what people's ideas were on the best way to find north on a cloudy night? Or maybe not cloudy, maybe it's raining blood or something, but either way you can't see the stars and you have no compass or watch.
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    Wool: A work in progress

    Brilliant stuff! I look forward to seeing how this goes.
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    Giants Seat Meet 9th-11th August

    I might be able to make this. I will know closer to the date.