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  • Hi There
    not heard from you for a while, I hope everythings OK your end.

    No worry on the spear head, the monies burning a hole in his pocket so he will blow it on something else.

    Any progress on the saxon purse steels?


    Hi Nige tried pm-ing you dont know if your box is full, any update on the folding camp grill? cheers Andy.
    hi been told your the man to see about a bcb crusader lid in aluminum if you could get in touch that would be great.
    Hi Nige,
    I believe youre the man to talk to regarding metal lid to fit a crusder cup.
    Im after 2 lids in stainless if you can help?
    Hi Nige, just wanted to confirm you got the money for the crusader lid. Think your PM might be full?
    Any way thanks!
    hi just like to say thank you for my lid, i got it today and im off at weekend to show it off. ill be in touch soon with the next order. thanks once again
    hi nige your pm is full. could you let me know a rough eta on my crusader lid please as we are planning our next trip and i would like to show the rest of the group, then get the orders in while they are all in one place. thanks
    Hi Nige, I dont know if you got the pm I sent yesterday so, 2 pans in my trangia set same as yours, (Drawings were repeated so you could cut them out.) Dont forget to include my crusader lid when you send them.

    Hi Launditch.
    Sent payment for the SS crusader cup lid, on 02/05. And PM'ed you a few days ago. Not received as yet.

    Hi mate, sent you a message a few days ago - maybe you didn't receive it, so I'll try posting here.

    Just wondering if you have an ETA on the aluminium crusader lid. Payment would have been from "samsmith28@hotmail.com", same as before.

    Cheers, Sam.
    Hey, your inbox is full but I am wondering when you posted my steels as I have yet to receive them yet. I understand that with all the bank holidays postage may be running slow but I though I would just check.



    Sorry lots of questions.

    Can I be put on your list for one of these please Forged Kettle/Billy hangers? Would it be possible to make the stand a bit taller so it can accommodate my gypsy frying pan?

    Many thanks

    Hi mate,
    Just checking in to see if you received my paypal payment for the crusader stainless steel lid. I'm just wondering when I can expect it to get to me, not in any mad rush though.
    Cheers, Sam.
    Hi Nige
    youir private box is full but yes I still want the trivet, please e me at home as how best to pay and the total.



    Hi Nige,
    Just a quick check in mate ,have you received my paypal payment for the crusader lid.Are you making them at the moment as i was wondering when i could expect it as i have got a trip soon and would like to take it with me to show off Cheers Andy.
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