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    Bushcraft definitions (humour)

    Scandi grind - A particular blade edge geometry favoured by bushcrafters, NOT a weird new dance craze from the clubs of Norway.
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    Options and ideas for big bag / small bag systems

    The Osprey Aether 70 has been my main large pack for the last 2-3 years which you can piggy back the smaller 13L Daylite pack to making an 80+ litre, also with the Aether you get a removable top lid pocket with its own stowaway waist belt. Its not a lightweight option by any means but the main...
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    Camp Smokey, Egerton - Kent

    : It was a BB meet, I'm not sure if it was at this meet but we have both been there at the same time before........:).
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    Camp Smokey, Egerton - Kent

    Enjoyed reading that. Good to hear the camo Khazi is still standing after the recent weather we've had. And you picked the best Hammock pitch..............:). Mine from last time I was there.
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    Favourite, NON scandi knife

    Most likely this one for me.
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    Show Me Your Hand-Made Axe Masks.

    The only one I've done so far.
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    Poncho liner

    Here you go.
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    zephros 1 footprint wtd

    I have one if you are still looking..............only used for a couple of nights.
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    Tarp pimping...

    I was surprised at the size of the Dutch hooks. I knew they were small but didn't quite realise how small, I'm just glad mine came with 30' of yellow string on the end.
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    Buying a top quilt - max rating or not?

    This is what I'm currently using UKhammocks summer TQ with 50g overfill, and summer UQ with 100g overfill UQ in blue, TQ in an old Snugpak compression bag ( could have been compressed a little more) . Also have an Enlightened Equipment Prodigy 30 degree synthetic.
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    light is right

    I know others have already metioned about taking a small first aid kit. I'm going to add a +1 to it...........but something I've learnt and I strongly believe in is " carry a knife, carry a FAK", it's something I'd rather have and not need than need and not have.
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    Danner boots?

    Love my Pronghorns (pre black toe & heel rand)..............................bought from TKmaxx many years ago now, the dye at the toe washes out if they remain wet for to long, but still my favourite boots by far. Very comfy and like you say....very light for a high boot. I'll get a few more...
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    Badgells Wood, Vigo Kent 4 -7 June 2015

    It is indeed a beautiful place.................and I'm sorry that I'm not able to join you for this one Hammock_man, but I do hope our paths will cross in the near future. Enjoy the weekend. Some pics for anyone considering going. Steve B................from elsewhere.
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    Potential West London meet up

    Me too, born and bred.
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    Potential West London meet up

    I'd be interested in any West London meets......................I'm in Feltham. I'm not able to do the Archery day, but anything else that can be arranged would be of great interest. Steve.