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  1. J

    My first night camping in the hills in 12 years!!

    The Mournes are often wet regardless of the weather forecast, it's just that sort of country :) They're a great spot but always assume it will rain or that the cloud will descend. Cheap overtroos and jacket from Regatta or suchlike are an absolute must and jeans are always a bad idea - they're...
  2. J

    Spotting an official British Army Basha

    I'm trying to get an army basha but there seem to be a load of clones about. Can anyone tell me how many official versions there are and how to tell them apart? The thing I'm specifically after is the fact that the sides have fabric running their length which means you can peg it out tight...
  3. J

    High wind tarp setups

    You got any photos / diagrams of these setups?
  4. J

    High wind tarp setups

    Yep, I have a bivvy bag too so technically I could do without the tarp - I just find it more comfy. I did consider a lean to when I was surveying the damage the next morning. We were beside a wall so technically I could have tried it, but I was a tad nervous that since it was a dry stone wall...
  5. J

    High wind tarp setups

    I've posted before about peoples fave tarp setups but after a weekend on the side of a mountain in a proper gale I'm wondering what peoples advice is for tarping it when its windy. I was using a DD tarp which I'm going to swap for the 260cm x 210cm army one with the fabric strips round the...
  6. J

    Cleaning an ex-army bivi bag

    I have an ex-army bivi bag coming and I'm wondering how best to clean it? It's second hand so I'd like to give it a once over before I clamber into it.
  7. J

    Fear of the dark

    On a side note (as this thread seems to have wandered ;)) occasionally you can scare other people. We were doing a night hike a few weeks back that crossed the occasional road and in one instance went through a very isolated car park. As it turned out when we got there at about 9ish there was a...
  8. J

    I love picture heavy threads!

    Me too. Like a child, sometimes I just look at the pics and don't really read the text :)
  9. J

    Walking poles

    As I understand it if you have one you use it like a staff for balance but if you have 2 you use them totally differently and more for propulsion - it allows the arms to do some of the work that the legs usually do making you a more efficient walker.
  10. J

    Knife Law (Rant)

    Were you going to or from the aircraft? If you had the bag in the hold and the rozzers stopped you in the airport on the other side then it seems a bit crap! I have a standard Frosts Mora knife and I pretty much always take it when I'm out walking or camping. It's never crossed my mind that...
  11. J

    What do you think of GPS units?

    That saved me alot of time :) No-one with a GPS would ever think of venturing out with it alone but that's the accusation that always gets levelled. The question is what can you do if you end up with no map/compass or GPS. We were hiking a few weeks back and the map dropped into a river and...
  12. J

    (rant) not allowed to light fire in my own garden

    If you could breach a law by farting I'd be doing hard time with no chance of parole by now :D
  13. J

    (rant) not allowed to light fire in my own garden

    I assumed that in a smokeless zone you could only burn certain fuels and required a chimney over a certain height and that when I lit my garden burner I was in clear breach of the law and just didn't give a toss ;) That said, I appreciate peoples right to sit in their garden without acrid smoke...
  14. J

    Head Torch-Best for the Money

    I use a Tesco head torch as backup and it's awesome. Brighter than my Petzl with 2 brightness settings + red light.
  15. J

    Ultralight Tarp_need help

    I have a DD Tarp at 3m x 3m ( - £29) which is awesome but including pegs and guys is 973g which I thought was a bit heavy and big. I have a solo tarp from Backpackinglight ( - £49) waiting at the post...