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    snake question central america

    Long time FD. How are you. Forget antivenin, it’s expensive and has a short shelf life. And can also be just as dangerous as the venom itself. Don’t worry about Bushmasters, quite rare and it would be a pleasurable wildlife moment to come across one. FDL’s are another matter. Just be...
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    Folding knife suggestions ?

    What they says! And you can’t go wrong with a UKPK.
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    Woodlore Knife Pro

    Try me ;)
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    Hennessy explorer deluxe

    I’ll take it if I may
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    Just killed a spider.

    When I used to do emergency call outs for airports, I got a huge amount of snake sightings, which ranged from caterpillars , to pit vipers.
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    Sold Andy Wood AWS4.5
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    Sold Andy Wood AWS4.5

    Somebody did a review once. Seemed OK ;)
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    Robin Hood - Origins

    Absolutely. I have a few props from that series.
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    Robin Hood - Origins

    Here we go again. Please can someone make a decent Robin Hood film. Period correct and actually IN the greenwood. I knew this one was going to be suspect, but wow, not this suspect. There are a few RH films in the works, last count was five, plus a couple of TV series, one of which will be...
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    Seller Refusing Refund

    I don’t think there is anything untoward or misleading in that listing. It has been used and the edge and head are in fine shape and fit for purpose . The rust is quite clearly visible in the listing, and let’s face it, cosmetic. The handle doesn’t look like it’s been replaced to me, I’ve seen...
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    Sycamore opening up

    The trees are bursting with green quite rapidly since Wednesday. About time too. I hate barren woodlands.
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    And it’s a testament to how good the courses are and the loyalty earned by Woodlores customers, that even now, there is scant information about their courses online.
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    Razor clams for a woodland lunch

    Cracking. I love razor clams. The hunting and eatings thereof
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    Anyone help me with a tree ID

    What they said ^^
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    What's missing on the site?

    Recent posts show all new posts including ones you’ve read or replied too. New posts just show ones you haven’t read.