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    Firelighting failure

    In a life or death situation? Fine. Otherwise I'd have hoped that people who enjoy nature and the outdoors might have a bit more respect for the environment! I guess not!
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    CASIO G-SHOCK watch strap?

    Buy from tiktox instead of ebay. Put your model number in the search box to ensure you get the right strap.
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    Firelighting failure

    So you know what you are doing is environmentally unfriendly, yet you still do it!:mad::banghead:
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    Firelighting failure

    I have found that even with cooking/heating devices specifically designed to burn well in windy conditions, that getting them lit in windy conditions is sometimes another matter. To that end I usually carry a foldable aluminium plate wind-break and have used it many times to help get the fire...
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    Cleaning blades

    What is your cereal box method please?
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    Has anyone modded a Hennessy Hammock?

    Are you confusing the rings in the video with something else? These are aluminium rappel rings. Needle sports are listing them as 0.045kg (Noticed that is packed weight. 30g on their own.). Not sure if that is your version of a 'ton' but I thought they were pretty light, though I realise that is...
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    Has anyone modded a Hennessy Hammock?

    Have you seen this quick hang method? I can confirm it makes life very easy for a little extra weight.
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    MORA laminated steel with Antler and stacked leather handle

    Here is a quoted post from the 'How do I' thread. Hope it helps.
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    Need a mug to fit Trangia Triangle

    I've posted this before but it might help you out if it means you don't need to buy a bigger mug. I use an Alpkit Ti mug on mine. Make a triangle that fits over the three upstanding pot supports from metal rod and it allows you to use smaller sized pots. I use an Alpkit Ti mug on mine. I made...
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    Measuring 3 inches (non-locking); law and practice?

    In 45 years I have never been searched by the Police. How many of you have? Worrying about the minutia of a law that is not designed to target normal law abiding folk who happen to be carrying a knife seems pointless.
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    Silk sleeping bag liner

    No-one has mentioned the most important factor about a silk liner. It feels nice! :smuggrin:
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    Survival Skills without camping?

    Camping in the height of summer has it's own challenges in terms of enjoyment. Heat, early sunrises/late sunsets, insects, etc, though it is probably easier to survive with less kit and experience than the darkest depths of winter. The point has been made that you don't have to camp to brush up...
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    Looking for compass recommendations

    Just go for the Silva classic then and save some money for horse feed!
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    Worrying news article.

    Well it's just an anecdote as they both like me! I will qualify that by saying that I've regularly been in the outdoors my whole life and hadn't suffered from any tick bites until this year, when I've had 2. This is with taking all the usual precautions. I guess permethrin impregnated clothes is...
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    Best bargain watches?

    Fancied one of those Casio Trekking watches for a while. Might need to check my local!