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    Can anyone recommend a seashore foraging course?

    my main tip would be to purge any filter feeding shell fish in a bucket of salted water for 24 hours before eating. also look up Samphire its worth the forage and costs a small fortune in the shops. hope this helps...
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    Interesting Canadian Canoe (Open boats only), DVD

    altough i am not very experienced i do prefer a canadian canoe over a cyak. i can not afford one of my own and only get to use my club one on the canal at theweekends but i would love to go open water paddling. i have tried poling and find quite easy on flat water. i'd like to take a canoe out...
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    Who is active in Wiltshire?

    always looking for new areas and people to meet.
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    Who is active in Wiltshire?

    ware are you going
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    BCUK Sussex Group meet for JANUARY: 24 – 26 January 2014

    Thats a shame will miss this by a day. Nigel warwick and I will just have to go wild on monday instead. Hope your chest gets better soon Tony.
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    First ever trip out + further visits (pic heavy)

    That looks like fun its s nice to have people you can share with. you were right not to go with the other tarp. tell Tank if hes giving suff away to look in my
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    All this and some people think the out doors is boring. Great shots you must have a great camera.
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    Hello from the Midlands

    Hi Im from coventry . I also went to bush farm wg at the weekend. I amnormally a wild camper but it was very good to see others with similar interests.
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    The Gathering 2013 the report :) So Far

    I was there too at the end of the wood long trek with far too much kit. Maybe we exchanged good mornings. We emjoyed the site though there seemed too much wood felling for my liking. The groups around us were all nice people and this made for some great conversation.
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    North Wood Extended Meet! August 23 - September 01 2013

     Originally Posted by sadsplace Please list your interest below only if you agree to the terms in post 1, indicate available dates ... and include this line in the paste1. woodspirits 30-012. spud dtbc3. NLW Tues 27th - Fri 30th TBC 4. ADz-1983 (Maybe/TBC)5. sadplsace (Still working on it, but...
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    North Wood Extended Meet! August 23 - September 01 2013

    I woild like to come where is it
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    North Wood June 2013 loads of pictures!

    You must be feelin good about those. Where is north wood exactly.
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    Hi all

    Welcome like the post you should fit on well here.