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    The Hobbit

    Im a big Tolkein fan. The films arent true to the the books by any means, but so what? Enjoy them for what they are - cgi n all. Its all good escapist entertainment. Dont get hung up on comparisons to his writings. The Hobbit (part one) wasnt great but it was watchable, the trailer for the Five...
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    Mad Max

    Looks ok to me - MM2 rocks tho! All those old Z's.
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    3rd Leather Patch :- " Not All Those That Wander Are Lost "

    ok - let me know if i get lucky.
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    3rd Leather Patch :- " Not All Those That Wander Are Lost "

    Am i in time or too late?
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    Britton wood meet 1-3 august

    I would like to play at this one :)
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    A wet weekend in the Dales.

    Nice report thanks. Enjoyed reading it. Small tents eh? Im away in a Gelert Solo this weekend and its gonna be a squeeze to say the least. How did you get on with the water filter?
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    How many axes do you presently own?

    #1 bb07 -23 axes plus 1 SFA #2 Toddy ..... 5 axes plus 1 SFA that's being used by a friend in more need than I am. #3 welchyd1 5 axes #4 Mesquite... 3 plus 1 SFA #5 Red...12 and definitely 0 SFA (although SFA describes their good points quite well ) #6 FGYT 4 axes 0SFA #7 HillBill, 9 axes, 0 SFA...
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    What to put in car BoB

    i have a full FAK. 2 litres water plus what i have in the front with me, a sleeping bag, cookset (Ranger volcano stove with filled burner n firelighters in a ziplok) and some tinned snack foods (mussels n stuff), a ripstop poncho with 2 bungees n some tentpegs. A change of clothing ( i work in a...
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    A group of trangia

    "A Meth of Trangias"
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    Honey stove

    I had one for a while. 4 sides good - 6 sides a nightmare for me to clip together. At the risk of being stoned on here as a heretic i wouldnt have another, a folding stove is much easier in my experience and IMO. here if you want one...
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    new model the field and camp and a couple more bits from me

    Really nice work. I love the Tp1
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    Heads up, Sawyer mini water filter.

    Thanks for that - ordered one just now :)
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    What films have you watched recently?

    The Deep - a recentish subtitled film about an icelandic fisherman who survived SIX hours in freezing seas and became involved in medical experiments as a result. Quite good if your not looking for action/violence.
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    Ultralight and homemade cook kit

    Excellent! I like that a lot. Does it have to be a Tomato soup can or will oxtail suffice? :D.
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    Battery powered lantern

    Nice one Red thanks for that link :)