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    Shangri-La 3 versus Luxe Mini Peak: which to choose?

    I finally bought and used the Mini Peak II last weekend on a paddle and camp along the River Wye from Mordiford to Ross-on-Wye. Two nights including rain on the second night and the tent was excellent. I've used a very basic DD tarp for the last five years but finally caved in and bought the...
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    Snugpak fail in the New Forest and knife talk

    A few years on with my Elite 3 and I can say I haven't suffered the cold problems I did the one time I complained on this thread. I think a few things in conjunction led to me getting cold. I've slept in a tent and in under a tarp and the tarp definitely is a colder environment due to not being...
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    Yomp In The New Forest

    I camp in the same spot in the Forest, not too far from Red Shoot Wood and having been for close on a decade. We light fires in the day and at night and although I've seen walkers (as Lacijag1 said; there are loads of paths) we have never been disturbed or asked what we're doing. We don't leave...
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    Luxe SilHexpeak Got a reply from BPL and they sent this above:
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    Luxe SilHexpeak

    Looks like Version 4 of the tent is on its way...
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    Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

    I think we could have done it in under nine hours if we didn't stop for lunch and photo opportunities at the top of each peak. Also, two of the group were slower than me and the other member. Any quicker than nine hours would probably involve running for periods.
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    Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

    Now that is a challenge. Has anyone else done it recently? Four of us made our way to Hawes Youth Hostel on Friday; a horrendous eight-and-a-half hour drive from London. I've stayed in the youth hostel in the beautiful market town of Hawes on several occasions was sad to say it's not great at...
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    Next generation Gossamer Gear Mariposa

    Received the following message from Gossamer Gear: The new material is a 7th generation nylon material where as the old material was a 5th generation with a dyneema strip running through the fabric. The strip of dyneema is white in the older style pack, and stayed white because dyneema will...
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    Next generation Gossamer Gear Mariposa I've always toyed with the idea of buying the Mariposa, mainly because it gets such great reviews from seasoned hikers. It seems to have tonnes of space with seven very useful external pockets. There is a...
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    Article: Alpkit Rig 3.5 Tarp

    I wild camped at the weekend with a DD 3mx3m tarp and was thankful for the size. I pitched it open with the poles supporting both ends two thirds of the way along. It poured with rain yet I was comfy back from the drips. Any smaller and I may have been cramped.
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    Trangia vs pop can stoves: Ultralight weight alternative?

    Why anyone would want anything else after seeing this I don't know. He uses one tool, a knife to make it. Genius. I can't see any drawbacks.
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    How many poles?

    Talking of a pole poll; what are the poles that people use? I 'borrowed' one for my epic Ladhar Bheinn hike in Knoydart last year and was amazed just how much strain it too off my legs. So now I want to buy a pair but I'm not sure which to go for. I hear Pacer Poles are recommended but they look...
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    How many poles?

    Is it a chair that breaks after lunch and is haphazardly repaired by supper?
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    How many poles?

    :o Everyone else ignored my idiocy.
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    How many poles?

    I always use three poles. Two just don't cut it on really hilly terrain or across fast flowing rivers.