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    bushcraft show near Windermere

    Well said Ian, i for one dont like to drive miles so to me this sounds great and i supose they have to start somewere,, i think i will be comming to this,., are camp fires allowed ?,
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    old town 174 canoe for sale

    Old town 174 canoe for sale, used condition, Really good canoe for camping, you can get 2 big guys and loads of kit also, not used it for ages so it as to go and could do with the cash to invest in a new machine for my business, i could deliver as long as its not to far aprox 30 miles...
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    Dark Age Meet 3

    i will strip of and get my beer bely out lol
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    Dark Age Meet 3

    i would like to come please if thats ok, i would like to bring a friend also if thats ok, is there any chance that there maybe a few summer costumes for me to borrow, don't fancy wearing wool in this weather it could get a bit smelly, it will be good to see you all as iv'e not been able to do...
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    Recomend a good camp bed please

    What were the ones that lurch had at middlewood called ?, The cots are to high and take up to much room in a tipi, think i might go for the memory foam
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    Recomend a good camp bed please

    Im sick of thermarest's and air beds failing all the time, i have spent so much money on this and always end up disapointed, at the mo i am after something not inflatable and not to high as it going in a tipi, i am after something decent that will last and must be semi comfy, packing size isnt...
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    Topas or Safir 9cp

    I received delivery of the safri 9 on friday and went straight to wales for the night in the pouring rain, i would totaly recomend it very roomy and warm, i also got the tentipi stove which i was really impressed with, There was 4 adults and 2 children and it wasnt cramped at all, i would...
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    A Willow bowl for a friend

    Nice bowl that simon,, well done
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    How sad is this?

    Is there any BEEF jerky flavour ???????
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    Tipi Stove for sale

    I will be in touch tomorow
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    Tipi Stove for sale

    I might be interested Paul, can i come for a butchers ?,
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    Lack of warning

    :lmao:You could always eat snow
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    looking for Crooked knife info

    Are you going to make these to sell duncan?,, your spoon knives are a cracking bit of kit,
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    Making a quick fix bow to be used with arrows

    I made a quick one with poplar,,
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    Jacket from tamarak for sale

    Jacket now sold :),