You won't believe what I found

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Jan 25, 2011
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You forgot pointed articles. Yawn...

It's all down to discretion on the part of both the user and the police. I daresay if our OP was stopped and searched, there would be a reason for it. If he carefully explained what had happened, he'd very likely be thanked and the knives taken without charge or warning.

A few years ago we got a bloke on BB asking about the law. He'd been charged with possession of a Swiss Army Knife. Strangely it was the corkscrew that caused the problem. As the story unfolded, not only did we discover him to be an arrogant idiot, but that he'd unfolded the corkscrew and told the police something along the lines of he didn't like coppers and wasn't going to cooperate.
I remember that one. He was a prize prat. An entitled idiot who was out to insult everyone then say "I didn't do nuffink".
Someone tracked down the court number to prove it was a real case, I believe (mostly because it was thought he was just a troll).


Feb 10, 2016
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But it isn't as interesting is it? As mentioned by Chris, us humans have in inbuilt interest in weaponry of all sorts. The AA12 shotgun has a fun factor that you'll never get from the "tool" that is the side by side 12 bore. Lethal, restricted mostly, but undeniably fun.

I shoot the Saiga-12 ( Automatic 12 bore Russian shotgun) when I go to the US. Unbelievable fun!
Recoil soft as butter.
Soviet engineering the Americanos can only dream of!
Putting up targets is a pain though.

Use? Does everything need to have a recognized use? If yes, I can downsize my house, as it will be empty. Without a garage, as my day to day vehicle is outside anyway.

I promise to sign the petition to release Mike Bowler when the Police come back and arrest him. I will also contribute to the crowdfunding we will set up so he gets a decent law wrangler so he only has to do a couple of years in Her Majesty's holiday camp.
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