Trip Report Woodland wild camp, nettle cordage and spoon carving

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Barney Rubble

Sep 16, 2013
Rochester, Kent
Hi de hi campers, hope all is well.

I got out on a camp at the woodland permission over the weekend and thought I'd share my video of the camp. I met up with a friend of mine (Descattys on youtube) and we practised a few skills. I tried my hand at making nettle cordage for the first time - was quite happy with how simple that process is so I'll be doing more of that in the coming weeks.

I also did a bit of spoon carving, or rather I started it. My carving is taking a bit longer at the mo due to a 'Tennis Elbow' injury!

Rather annoyingly I nailed the fire lightying drill but forgot to press record on the camera! I managed to get the fire started using only the materials that I gathered on the day (mainly fine feather curls from dry wood) and was pleased with that, I just need to improve my camera work! Des managed to capture the footage on his video though so not all was lost.

I also spent the night in my wool blanket and left the bivvy bag at home for a change, it was a colder night than anticipated, but I got through it ok.



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