Sold Wireless birdbox camera kit

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Jun 22, 2009
South Wales
Asking £50 all in.
I bought this birdbox camera kit this time last year with grand hopes of having my own personal Springwatch but sadly there's too much wifi activity in my house and neighbourhood for it to work properly so it has barely been used. I pick up about 10 houses' wifi here plus baby monitors and phones etc so I can barely find a clear channel at the best of times. I can still see the picture but it breaks up at the worst times and is annoying enough that I've switched to a hard-wired camera instead for this season. So this lot is for sale complete with all boxes and paperwork. It's the standards Green Feathers wireless kit (£49.99 retail) with an extra camera and power cable (£28 retail) and an extension cable for one of the power cables (£7.99 retail). The receiver picks up 4 channels so you can add 2 more cameras and all the cameras have switchable channels so you can pick the clearest ones. Plugs straight into your TV or anything that has the yellow and red jacks. Apparently it's national nest box week and this is a great way to maintain sanity during lockdown so grab a bargain :)



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