Why the hell did I bother!

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May 4, 2005
Mr_Yarrow said:
Isnt Chatham Kent though ;)

Er yeah --- em ---dug me own tunnel didnt I! tunnelled right into the army for 13years, discharged in Chatham and liked it soo much I stayed. Still have to work in the smoke though.

Ever hear the saying 'Nobody ;ikes a smart A**e' (ldra!)


Full Member
Aug 28, 2004
Isle of Wight
mojofilter said:
Given the choise I'd rather have my friends and a bit less kit, than loads of immaculate kit and no mates....
Quite right too. Kit is replacable. I just think that if you loan out your most "precious things" then you place them and the relationship with them in peril unless they really understand and share the interest to the same degree.


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May 22, 2006
well guys thanks for the quotes. I lent kit because I thought they would look after it. My post was a rant on my part, it was not my pride and joy stuff, but still its irritating. Point being if you cant lend to friends who can you lend to? Of course the end result is to make you less generouse in the future.

Sandsnakes :censored:


Sep 4, 2005
Stroud, Gloucestershire
I was asked to leave a tent ( an old but excellent canvas ridge tent) at a gathering that I was leaving early, as it was being used as a cook tent. When the person who borrowed it returned home, they left the tent behind, as they "could'nt fit it in the car"! When I drove the three hour drive back to North Wales to collect it, (apparently left in a local farmers barn), it was gone.

I still lend out kit now and then, I guess because I'm rubbish at saying no!!


Spacemonkey said:

Easy pal, were not all bad. :lmao:

The reason i own a prybaby is cos i learnt this lesson by lending a pal a blade. :eek:


Jul 8, 2006
Personally, I've never lent out expensive kit, but a good few knives, fishing gear, and other tools, many of which came back messed up... a friend once was cutting bad mussels from good mussels (connected by those beard things...) with my knife and instead of throwing the bad mussels into the sea he threw my knife :eek: Accidents obviously happen, and he did give me a replacement, but most of my stuff hasn't been replaced, nor have I received an offer to...
I've had to borrow kit quite a few times, but I'll always return it as good as it came. If there's any damage before I use it I'll check it out with the owner to make sure its understood that I didn't cause the damage, and if there are any questions about how to pack it away I'll ask!

Nowadays I won't lend anything out to anyone, except to people that would normally have their own, but forgot it etc..

Puts me in mind of a story my dad told me about when he was an airplane mechanic... a workmate borrowed his knife and as a "thank you" ruined it trying to get a razor edge with a bench grinder...


Full Member
Oct 30, 2003
i suppose it depends on the scale of damage, and whether or not you need the item in the near future, i lent a tent out once, it came back sopping wet, stuffed in a black bin bag because despite my showing them how to fold it up they couldn't be bothered. now it wasn't a very good tent, and was showing a bit of wear, so i went out and bought a new tent, and left the old one in the black bin bag so when they asked to borrow it again (which they did) i could just had it to them, needless to say it had got a little bit mildewy but hey thats life. they never asked to borrow from me again, especially after they complained about the state of the tent and i pointed out that that was how it was returned to me(by them).
tis simple. lend something out if it gets broken and its not valuable, keep it and use to lend out in future, if its expensive, point this out at the begining, and make sure that they understand that if it comes back in bits they had better flash the palstic.

or don't lend out stuff.


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