White Rose May20th-22nd Pics

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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 15, 2008
Despite the dire weather forecast we were lucky enough to have a good weekend. Friday remained dry, Saturday not so much so but at least the wind died down in the morning. Sunday morning was glorious to wake up to, always a shame to have to pack up and head home with the sun shining.

Plenty of ground dwelling this weekend apart from James and Alex in hammocks

The chute was restrung thanks to Jon's ability to throw logs over high branches, I reckon he'd be a mean bowler if he played cricket

The kids were intent on making swings, their efforts worked well

It was when they wanted to go bigger and better it got interesting

This is what happens when you let the big kids build the swing!

Great time of year to be out, looking forward to the next one already

Thanks to Peter H for kicking it off on Friday, Jon, Alex, James and Mike for helping with endless swing making and parachute hanging, Sarah and Jana for time spent entertaining kids and keeping the camp ticking over so smooth. Congratulations to Dean and Khali on getting married, best wishes mate. Catch you next time round hopefully!


Oct 29, 2007
Milton Keynes
I can add just the one photo from when Sarah, Alex, Olly, Louise and I were setting up Friday afternoon.

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