Where to buy Berghaus Crusader or Vulcan?

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May 11, 2009
Tennis Town
I loved my Vulcan...
As a point to note, the side pockets are a little on the small side so if you prefer extra capacity you can swap them out for olive green brit army PLCE ones. Same zips.....
I have TWO Vulcans.

One's called "Spock", the other "T'Pau"!

I can't tell which is which but one of them takes Berghaus side pouches (size 8 zips, "upside-down") whilst the other takes PLCE (size 10 zips). Side pouches off, aside from the ice axe buckles/straps, they look identical to me but I've not made a proper side-by-side comparison yet.

I believe one is Dutch(?) military issue (PLCE compatible). I've seen some Crusaders with British NATO NSNs (National Stock Numbers) so these should be PLCE compatible.

If you can check them before you buy, bring a PLCE side pouch just to check compatibility - if you want that option. The easy tell, though, will be from where the zips start: top is Berghaus, bottom is PLCE. The zip pulls will have an "8" or "10" and that indicates the zip size.

If I could work out how to use Pinterest for pics hosting - or even what Pinterest is good for - I'd put some pics here. (Yeah, I know - I'm THAT generation...)



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Aug 3, 2018
West Midlands
One of my biggest regrets in terms of letting go of gear was selling my Cyclops rucsac for peanuts. Wish I still had it it.


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May 17, 2011
I know what you mean, did the same with my Vulcan and worse give it away thinking wouldn’t use it again.

Now want to find a berghaus crusader

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