Where do you go to practise bushcraft?

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Nov 6, 2020
Sorry if this sounds like a silly question, but the most of the land in the UK seems to be under private ownership. And I assume there are restrictions about what you can do in national parks.

As far as I know there are all sorts of rules about where you can pitch a tent, cut down wood and make a fire. And where would you be able to use a Mora knife with a four inch blade without getting into trouble?

So I just wondered what most members do. Do you join clubs and go on organised camps etc. Or are some of you lucky enough to live near areas where you have permission to do your bushcraft?

I know there are still a few wilderness areas around in the UK but they are not always convenient to get to.


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Aug 18, 2005
Im lucky, a friend I grew up with owns a farm so I have use of some private land. There is a local area ive used in many forms since I was a kid. There are rules but they are not strictly enforced, more common sense and respect for the wildlife, land and other people. I dont usually need anything apart from a place to stay off the path so zero impact on the area.

This was discussed quite recently in a similar post. https://bushcraftuk.com/community/threads/how-do-i-know-where-it’s-ok-to-camp.156725/

The more info shared the better i reckon.


Oct 6, 2003

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