Van options?

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Nov 18, 2007
Isle of Wight
We have just traded our car for a new Courier Tourneo, (1litre turbo petrol as we do low mileage) quite impressed with it, roomy enough to just sleep in if necessary and two rows of seats when required, in camping mode we can remove the second row, by pulling a couple of pins and leave the back seats at home. We will order mattress foam, probably in 3 pieces to fit the full floor for sleeping and will need to make a small floor filler panel out of ply to go over the rear footwells. Instant windowed van, two side sliding doors, very practical, with opening windows and a big lift up rear hatch...winner in my opinion.


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Between us my two sons and I have had several campers of various kinds. For many years my wife and I had a series of VW vans without converted roofs much as you describe. They could be pressed into service as campers for holidays but were used more often for the purpose you describe. We currently have a VW T5 with an extending roof as we prefer the flexibility of the smaller camper rather than the camping car.

The French are very keen on vans used for fishing, hunting and day vans much as you describe. Peugeot and Citroen both make version based on the Kangoo and VW got in on the act with their own much more expensive version.

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