Twodogs wool shirt for Lapland ,,,,Tutorial

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Maker Plus
Nov 16, 2008
West Midland
K9 asked for a Tutorial on my next wool bush shirt so her goes :),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,PART ONE ....:)

To quote blue peter heres one I made earlier its a bit thin so its time to make another .

The Blankets came from Military Mart , don't know the origin or wool content but thay seem solid if your smaller build than me you may get away with just one blanket I had two .

Notice there different shades to :cool:,, adds to the mix

These are the labels ,

After washing the blankets the next job was to dig out the pattern that I have made up it started as a fleece then transferred on to some old wool bits , the front pocket was trail and error and the hood was copied from an old windproof smock .

all marked out with chark

This is all the bits ,

Next job is hemming all the bits this stops it all fraying If I was using a modern machine it would of been done in zigzag

That's all that done ,

Now the front pocket , I like to fit a pocket inside , pin it then tack it on this stops it moving about when you sew it ,

All sewn on three pouches and a securing line ideal for a phone , emergency blanket, snack bar , cylume , fire kit .

Now for the outer pocket try to fit it so your hands fit in place without it being to high or to low , pin it then tack it before sewing .

Not a work of art but you get the idea ,

Try to put some extra stiches on the stress points

Next the arms ,

Pin and tack .

Stich two rows of stiches for strength and to hold the seam together

Turn the arms the correct way round and pin and tack the seam flat , Try to have both arm seams going the same way it will make life easier later ;)

Stich along the seam the looks better and make the seam sit correctly on the shirt by reducing the bulk in the arms , ( This needs doing on all seams :) )

End of part one folks more to follow ,,,,,,:D



Maker Plus
Nov 16, 2008
West Midland
Here we go PART TWO ......." Life in the hood " :)

I used a three piece hood pattern so I don't look like a cone head ,

Pin and tack together ,

Run two lines of stiches down the seams for strength and to hold the seam together

Pin and tack the seam flat

Turn the correct way round and stich the seams flat this reduces the bulk and gives a better finish ,

Next I stiched a piece of leather on the hood to reinforce where the elastic for the hood will go ,

Pin and tack the elastic in place ,

And sew ,

Below are the neck piece and the strips to tighten up the neck when needed ,

The strips were pined and tacked in place ,

Then stiched

Then fold and pin and tack the neck piece in place ,

Then sew ,,:)

That's the hood finished

Stand by for part three ;)