Sold TSL Snowshoes. For the larger mountain man.

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Jan 11, 2011
1. I have discovered as I delve deep into the hoard that I am the owner of Two pairs of snowshoes!
This pair is for sale. I'm keeping the other ones as I think these lighter ones will be easier to sell. They are by reputable maker TSL and I think they must be around six years old. They have only been used half a dozen days and were dried off and stored dry afterwards so they are in great condition ready to go.
These are suitable for boots up to size 13UK and will easily support the weight of a 6ft 5" chunky bloke on fresh snow. nice and light to carry strapped to your pack if you fancy a play in the deep snow on some high mountains. The blocks fold out to level the footbed out for easier ascending and the footbed can be freed to enable running if you meet a bear. Remember, you only have too be faster than the slowest of your companions so every little helps!
If you've never tried snowshoeing its enormous fun and so much more user-friendly than skiing.
Small spikes for flattish terrain and a big "bear claw" scoop for slopes. £40.00 all in.
2. To keep your snowshoes safe while you go for a beer & have to leave them outside, This Pacsafe Wrapsafe locking cable will go through your snowshoes (rucksack, skis, toboggan etc.) and attach them to any available anchor point. Never used. Combination lock and nylon travel pouch included. £16.00 all in.
The only thing I'm looking for as a trade would be a Duluth Day Pack or similar in canvas.tempImage15eO1X.pngtempImagemSVI6q.pngtempImageG7ToGZ.pngtempImageGvh15r.pngtempImageH4XUHB.pngtempImagesukaxt.pngtempImagevOnCiV.pngtempImageut97Hz.pngtempImagepbKWxT.pngtempImageJQW5R8.png


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