Tree Huggers on Easter Island

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It will come back. :)

Optimistic for sure.

The forest we live in would take at least 1000 years to grow back under conditions that were but those conditions have changed. They may not.

We've lived in the boreal bush in B.C. going on 14 years. Off the grid in splendid isolation but in that time the we have seen forests devastated by over logging and the effects of warmer winters. It is almost a perfect force of destruction. Rejuvenating fires are one thing but what's happening now is different.
In 1 month one winter, one guy in a
feller buncher cut all the forest around us. 100 hectares. One guy operated a processer, one guy loaded a truck and one guy drove the logs to the mill. Logging happens 10 months of the year.
There is a huge gap, diconnect, between what's happening to the environment and what 99% of people hear.
We hear about slash and burn, global warming and economics but the pace at which the public of the world learns and acts is way to slow. We always hear about the deeds after they've happened.

You folks in the UK, maybe you thought you’ve already lost your wilderness and there is nothing you can do about Canada’s.
What we buy. What we purchase with our earned money is the only way to change the world. It is as simple as that…

The boreal forest in Canada needs people to live, camp, hike, fish and just think about it to save it. If we don’t think it is completly threatened we are wrong.

Take a google flight over the Alberta tar sands.

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